Southeast Container is Cookeville, TN’s go-to supplier of quality storage containers. Not only do we take great pride in keeping a high-quality inventory stocked but we work hard to make sure anyone that comes to us leaves at the end of the day happy and with the perfect container on the way to them.

Typically the most popular uses for our steel shipping container are in the building & construction industry. Be it as a mobile office that you use in different locations or a special storage area that you transport to sites as needed, these containers really are amazing. They also commonly used for personal storage and many other unique

Have you ever seen a tiny house or mobile office made from a container? The combination of strength, customization, and portability that you can get out of those in unmatched. 


Sometimes referred to as conex containers or storage containers, shipping containers are one of the most versatile and useful storage and building options you can get. Your conex container is more than storage, they can be converted to meet a large number of your needs and wants. They’re more adaptable than you can imagine. They can be converted to mobile restaurants, portable storage units, mobile offices, even as a workshop for your home! They’re going to be superior to something like a wooden storage shed or office every time no doubt.


Portable offices have a number of great uses, from construction offices that you need to move from site to site to even serving as a temporary office space should you find yourself in a pinch. Having the ability to have an office space where you need it when you need it is just unbeatable when you find yourself in a pinch. Shipping containers are designed to stand up to the stresses of international shipping for weeks at a time, your construction site or workplace are no big deal for a container. The two things you really want for your portable office are portability and strength, and that’s what you’re getting with these. You can also easily customize your office, you can put in the desk space you need, seating for workers to relax in, and so much more. Check out our portable mobile offices page to learn more!

Shipping Container Sizes

Southeast Container has 20 and 40-foot containers available for delivery in the Cookeville region. If you’re wondering about different sizes or maybe you live outside of the Cookville area – chances are very high we can still do business. Just give us a call and we can figure it all out and offer you any advice you may need. We provide service all over Tennessee and should be able to source any different sized or unique containers you may need. Find out more about our 20′ containers or our 40′ containers.

About Our Shipping Containers

Crafted of 14 gauge steel our shipping containers deliver first-class protection from vandals, any weather, and so much more. Do NOT forget, one end of the container has cargo doors that swing open. This is arguably the most important fact to consider when it comes to where you will place your container. The doors are made of very heavy steel, they lock tight, and have industry-standard weather tight gaskets. Overall, our storage containers are a superior choice for temporary or long term storage of valuable equipment and materials due to their security and sturdy design alone, not to mention everything else you can do with them.

Storage Containers For Sale

We’re very confident you’re going to discover what you need with our incredible variety of storage containers for sale. One big part of our sales is transporting. Though shipping containers are far easier to move than any of their counterparts, it still requires an 18-wheeler and often a crane or winch. While the average person will have no way to do this, we’ve got all the tools and experience we need. Shipping containers are offered in 20′ or 40′ sizes most commonly. You may recognize these as “conex” or shipping containers, they go by many names that all mean the same thing. Most of our storage containers are used on construction sites around Cookeville TN for commercial, residential, industrial, and retail buildings, though they are fairly versatile outside the construction industry. While many of our shipping containers are 20′ and 40′ in size, we also have a few other sizes available which might be perfect for your individual situation. Just give us a call, tell us about your storage needs, and let our qualified staff help with finding you the best fit.

Shipping Container Rentals

No other company in the Cookeville TN area can offer the high standards of quality and customer service we supply. For a short-term alternative, we have you covered! Monthly storage container rentals are available! Not sure what size you need? No problem! Take advantage of our knowledgeable staff at Southeast Container for guidance – we’ll answer all of your questions and get you pointed in the right direction. Our rentals are very popular, we often hear just having that storage where you need it when you do is fantastic, and as soon as you’re done we can come pick up the container, it’s that easy.

We Deliver Shipping Containers!

Our containers are dependable and prepared for delivery. Give us a call and we can deliver containers in Cookeville or surrounding areas! Need more than one? We can help. We have one of the most extensive inventories of steel shipping containers in Tennessee! While shipping containers are far easier to transport than sheds or completely immobile storage units for example, they are large heavy objects that take skill and the proper tools to move. We just happen to have a surplus of both of those things, we deliver containers across Tennessee year-round.

Aside from Cookeville, we also serve surrounding areas such as Hendersonville, TN. Learn more about our Hendersonville, TN storage containers today!

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