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Southeast Container is Murfreesboro, TN’s preferred provider of quality storage containers. Given the size and quality of our inventory, we feel certain that just about everyone is going to be able to find what they need.

Our steel shipping containers are often used by the construction industry. These ‘conex’ containers are perfect for storing construction materials or to use as a mobile office. Our containers are an exceptional value!

Have you ever seen a home made from a shipping container or a stack of them? What about a mobile business office or a pool? Well if you’ve never seen them, we can assure you that they’re real. And shipping containers are the entire reason things like this can exist!


Sometimes referred to as conex containers, shipping containers are one of the most versatile and useful storage and building options you can get in the Murfreesboro area. Your conex container is more than storage, they can be made into just about anything you can envision. If you’re curious as to what can be done, just google custom shipping containers and check out all of the cool modifications that people have come up with and done. They can be converted to mobile restaurants, portable storage units, mobile offices, even as that woodworking shop you’ve always wanted! Traditionally you would have had to go with a wooden shed or workshop, which is weaker and more susceptible to the elements and time. But not conex containers are becoming the first choice!


Our portable offices are favorites of construction companies, they’re portable enough to be moved between multiple sites in a day but strong enough to stand the test of time and stand up to any abuse. If a piece of machinery bumps into your wooden office, you’ll have a big problem on your hands. If the same were to happen to your container office, the worst you’d be looking at is a small dent. Just being able to work on-location is so nice when you need it. Shipping containers are designed to stand up to the stresses of international shipping for weeks at a time on top of being transported all around the port they arrive in. The two things you really want for your portable office are portability and strength, and that’s what you’re getting with these. You can easily customize your office to fit your needs with desks, chairs, and more! Check out our portable mobile offices page to learn more!

Shipping Container Sizes

Southeast Container has 20 and 40-foot containers for delivery in the Murfreesboro region. Don’t live in Murfreesboro, TN or you need a different size? Please contact us. We provide service in several areas and have an assortment of other sizes to choose from. We can likely source you anything you may need from a Reefer container for food storage to a side-opening 20′ container. Find out more about our 20′ containers and 40′ containers.

About Our Shipping Containers

Constructed of 14 gauge steel, our shipping containers provide vital protection from vandals, theft and the weather. One end of the container has cargo doors that swing open. This is important to note when planning where to put your container. The doors lock and have industry-standard weather tight gaskets. Our storage containers are a smart solution for temporary or long term storage of valuable equipment and materials due to their reliable and heavy-duty design.

Storage Containers For Sale

Our vast inventory of storage containers for sale takes the guesswork out of the selection process. We even deliver to your location. We offer 20′ or 40′ sizes. Individuals commonly recognize these as “conex” containers. There are many names for them but they’re all the same. Most of our storage containers are used on construction sites around Murfreesboro, TN for commercial, residential, industrial and retail building occupations; however, their versatility is recognized for many purposes. While many of our shipping containers are 20′ and 40′ in size, we also have a few other sizes available that may work for your circumstances. Tell us what you need and let our qualified staff help find you the best fit.

Storage Container Rentals

No other business in Murfreesboro, TN provides the quality and customer service we offer. Are you looking for a short-term storage option? We can help. Monthly storage container rentals are available! Unsure of what size you need? No problem! Contact our knowledgeable staff at Southeast Container for guidance. We’ll ensure that we at least point you in the right direction and do our very best to answer any and all of your container-related questions.

We Deliver Storage Containers!

A huge part of our business is delivering containers to our customers and generally transporting them. Give us a call and we can deliver containers in Murfreesboro or surrounding areas! Need more than one? We can do that. Southeast Container has one of the largest inventories of steel shipping containers in the state! We can also deliver out past the Murfreesboro area, we can deliver across most of Tennessee! Feel free to call us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to answer you.

Aside from Murfreesboro, we also serve surrounding areas such as Nashville, TN. Learn more about our Nashville, TN storage containers today!

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