Storage containers are durable, versatile, and, if properly maintained, can last for several decades. Since they are used and found across the globe, they tend to be pretty affordable. However, that doesn’t mean all containers are the same. When it comes to shipping containers for sale in Nashville, TN, it’s essential to know what to look for when buying them.

Storage Containers: Type & Condition

For one, make sure to know the type of container intended for purchase. Containers come in two standard sizes, twenty feet, and forty feet. Forty-foot containers are the most commonly used, so they will be easier to find at an affordable price, either used or new. If buying used, make sure to find a suitable container for the job because not all used containers are the same.

Used containers are generally rated based on the condition as either A, B, or C grade. These are not universally used grades and may sometimes be exploited by sales associates trying and get a better deal. Avoiding pushy sellers is as accurate with shipping containers for sale as with any other service. The sales associates may try to push unneeded shelving or ventilation systems. If those items are needed, fine, but don’t be pressured into buying items not needed.

To avoid possible pitfalls, it’s best to examine the container in person to ensure it’s suitable for the desired purpose. New containers should naturally be in excellent condition, but used containers need to be in good shape. There should be no rust, and the paint should be fresh to ensure weather and water resistance, the hinges should be smooth and easy to use, and, if there is one, the HVAC system should be in working order. There should also not be any warping from improper storage.

Depending on the container’s grade and age, there might be a need to retouch the paint, fix a stiff hinge, or the like. Such issues are the purchaser’s decision if they are a factor since those are some of the risks when purchasing used. In addition, how the container will be used can affect the desired condition. For example, buying a rusted, warped hulk with broken hinges is not ideal.

Online Pitfalls to Avoid

Sometimes, examining the container in person is not an option. Online purchase of shipping containers is possible but has its risks. Researching the condition of the container is still essential, of course, but it is just one aspect of the potential sale to consider. The seller should also be researched. It is easier to pass off inferior products online than in person, so ensuring the seller is reputable is an essential first step. Ultimately, if the company is open and honest, the buyer should have no problem getting any questions they have answered.

Also, make sure to examine the location of the container being bought. Ideally, the purchased container is close to the desired destination or starting location if used for transport. This can affect the final price because the container might be cheap but require hefty delivery costs. For that matter, examining the delivery options is also essential with online purchases. If there isn’t one, a truck might need to be hired, which means additional costs. These options should be stated on the seller’s website but getting them answered should be easy if there are any questions.

Confirm Ownership

Since containers are often just left at the final unloading point due to their low cost, it is not unheard of for them to still have the logo or name of the previous owner. If that is the case, it might be worth asking for documentation. It’s unlikely that the container is being sold illegally, but it never hurts, to be sure. The widespread use and ease of obtaining steel containers can be a bit of a double-edged sword.

Though shipping containers are relatively cheap, especially used, there are still risks in purchasing, whether in person or online. Making sure to check the condition of the container is an essential first step. Ensuring the container is affordable and has no or limited additional costs is also a good idea, especially with online sales. With those online purchases, it is often worth researching the seller, whether or not the containers still have old company names listed on them. Just because containers are cheap, durable, and versatile does not mean they don’t have their purchasing risks like any other product.

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