Offices are often designed for efficiency, or what some consider efficient. As a result, the focus is on space for workers and their equipment, and storage for supplies and spare equipment is often overlooked or under-calculated.

Shipping Container Storage

Fortunately, there is a solution. Shipping containers may not seem like an answer, but they can make for excellent temporary mobile storage as they are giant steel boxes. In addition, they can be made secure with additional locks and other features, such as keypads. The advantage of being a big box is that it can be modified to suit various needs.

Buying a Shipping Container

Shipping containers can be easily purchased and converted into storage. As numerous as they are, some might wonder if they need to buy a new one. Many new and used shipping containers are available. They can be purchased or rented, depending on the needs. Knowing what’s best for a particular situation can help save time and money and solve pesky storage issues.

Before Buying

Before deciding to buy used or new, or the rent or purchase, it’s a good idea to consider the size. Storage containers commonly come in two sizes, though most people are probably used to seeing the bigger ones. Those are 40 feet long, with the shorter being twenty. A small container (10 feet) might be enough for office storage if space is limited to place the container. Besides, plopping a big box in the company parking lot and taking up much-needed parking spaces might not go over well with employees. Other sizes are available, but those are the two most common and, thus, the easiest to find.

Which Size

With how much space a container can occupy, some might question why not just use public storage. Generally, public storage is more expensive than using a container. In addition, a storage facility not near the company would mean retrieving supplies will take time away from the office. On the other hand, a container in the parking lot is very convenient when supplies are needed.

Purchase or Rent

As to purchase or rent, that depends on need. For long-term storage, a purchase is likely the way to go. However, if storage is only needed for a short period (less than one year), say because of a floor restoration or other issue, renting is likely a better option.
Buy New or Used

The next question is whether to purchase new or used. That will depend mainly on budget and availability in the area. Used containers can save money, but their condition is not always the best, and outside storage of office equipment and supplies might be an issue. A damaged container can be repaired, but that’s an additional cost.


Besides purchasing new or used containers, buying a container modified for secure storage might be possible. Locks, keypads, and other potential safety and security features can be added. Rented containers can often be obtained pre-modified.

Thanks to their easy-to-modify nature, shipping containers can easily be used for large amounts of storage. Designed to store goods for long periods in water-resistant, weather-resistant steel containers can very well be the solution to office storage needs. They can even be modified with HVAC systems to prevent moisture, an essential feature when storing sensitive materials.

Using a storage container for temporary or long-term office storage may not seem like an option, but it is. Containers are easy to obtain for companies on a tight budget, whether rented or purchased. They can easily be made secure, are durable and resistant to the elements, and can store a lot of stuff.


While keeping supplies and spare equipment in the parking lot might be an odd solution, it’s better than storing stuff in cramped and remote public storage and often cheaper.

Budget & Availability

To purchase new or used, or to rent, is often up to budget and availability. Most used containers should be secure and durable enough for the job, but inspect them in person to verify their condition. Personal inspections ensure that any containers obtained can safely and securely store what is needed. That means more room for offices or allows contractors to do their jobs. Storage containers are great for office supply and equipment storage, making room for more offices or just storing surplus red staplers.

Southeast Containers

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