As the pandemic continues to create new challenges for healthcare workers and those currently working with people who have potential positive COVID-19 cases, businesses continue to face and adapt to new challenges that require them to keep their employees safe. One of the most significant challenges of the pandemic has been securing and effectively storing personal protective equipment known as PPE. PPE includes:

  • Face masks.
  • Face shields.
  • Gloves.
  • Protective clothing.
  • Other garments designed to keep people safe from contracting the virus and infections.

As healthcare organizations and other businesses increase their inventory, a significant challenge has appropriately been storing the PPE until it is needed. Many have turned to modified Conex containers to help hold the equipment. Using these containers, cities, and organizations have found that their organization has improved and become more efficient since creating a designated PPE storage space.

How Conex Containers Solve PPE Storage Issues

One of the most significant benefits of using a Conex storage container to house PPE is that it is easy to set up and ready to use quickly. Shipping containers can be modified to meet the needs of each organization. They can include temperature-control and ventilation.

Organizations using the containers for PPE storage find that scalability is easy – if you need more storage, you merely order another container. Other customizable features that hospitals and other organizations have found to be useful is that they are moveable, which is excellent for those who may need to relocate them. Other organizations modify the doors to the unit to make it easier to load and be more accessible for employees to reach supplies quickly.

The Benefits of Conex Storage Containers for PPE

Shipping containers are not only convenient, but they are also durable. As an alternative solution, they are made from steel and are weatherproof. They are a secure and durable storage alternative, resistant to theft, weather, and other possible threats to personal protection equipment inventory.

As the needs of the companies, businesses, and healthcare institutions continue to change, having a storage option that is flexible and reliable is a top priority. With the increasing need for PPE, there is a necessity for viable storage solutions.

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