The term one-trip shipping container means precisely as it sounds. The container is manufactured, loaded with cargo, and transported to the desired destination. Once it arrives, the payload is unloaded and the container sold. It takes only one trip hence the name. If you need a container for your business or personal use, you might wonder if purchasing a used or one-trip container is the best decision. There are situations where it is. Let’s look at the value of a one-trip shipping container purchase.

Shipping Container Purchase Advantages

Cost Benefits

An initial cash outlay is involved when purchasing a shipping container. However, this cost is incurred once. If you were to rent the container, there would be monthly payments. Rental fees may be lower, but the container’s lifespan expense adds up. When you buy outright, you save the hassle of monthly payments. If a container rental extends longer than 18 months, save money and buy a one-trip container instead.

Residual Payments

When you opt for a shipping container rental, you get no residual value. You return the shipping container at the end of the rental agreement and stop paying. All the monthly payments you have made are non-recoverable. If you purchase a shipping container, you can sell it at the residual value. Due to their construction, containers maintain their value even after a decade of use. You can use the container for years and sell it later for a price near what you initially paid.

Availability and Options

With rental containers, there might be limited sizes available. There are many sizes of one-trip containers available. You can even get mini and high cube containers that can meet property size footprint constraints.


The ability to modify the shipping container in any way you want is the most significant advantage in buying a shipping container. The modifications can be designed to increase functionality, improve security or increase functionality.

Ready to Use

Most one-trip containers are in cargo-worthy condition. They have been minimally used and are ready to be loaded and transported. They don’t need any repair or maintenance work. With that being said, always visually inspect any used container before purchasing.

Corrosion Resistant

One-trip ocean-going containers are constructed with anti-corrosive steel corrugated doors and panels which resist corrosion. This specification means you get a durable shipping container that will last many years of outdoor weather without difficulty.

Southeast Containers

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