Storage Containers

Steel Storage Containers

Shipping containers provide secure storage of equipment and property. They are frequently used on job sites by construction companies and contractors.

What can you use a storage container for?

We’re glad you asked. Below are some examples of what our storage containers can be used for:

• hand tools
• jackhammers
• portable generators
• forklifts
• air compressors
• loaders
• tractors
• pumps
• additional materials
• mobile offices and much more

Car dealerships can use storage containers to store tools, equipment, and even tires. Schools can use them to keep materials, sports equipment, and furniture. The fact is our storage containers can provide watertight, secure storage solutions for just about anything you value without fear of vandals, theft, weather, and critters.

Have You Seen Us Around?

Our steel storage containers can be seen all around Nashville, TN. You’ll see our conex boxes at construction sites for many industries such as townhomes, houses, apartment complexes, retail stores, commercial buildings, industrial complexes and more. Homeowners can even use them for temporary storage while remodeling or moving.

Also, you’ll notice our conex containers in surrounding areas and sites beyond the Nashville city limits. You’ll find them in areas of Kentucky and Murfreesboro, Clarksville, Jackson, Cookeville, Lebanon, Columbia, Brentwood, Hendersonville. This is the reason we’re known as the go-to storage container service in central Tennessee.

Reliable Storage

Our steel storage containers are recognized for dependability and durability. Our containers are created with 14 gauge steel and powerful cross beams on the bottom to support an enormous amount of weight. The doors have watertight gaskets to keep water and wind out. All conex containers additionally have a 1” treated plywood flooring allowing for smoother entry and exit either by foot, forklift or while moving a pallet jack.

Storage Container Sizes

The most popular sizes are the 40′ and 20′ steel storage containers though we have multiple size options. The 40′ containers are ideal for larger projects for industrial and commercial endeavors. The 20′ shipping container is common among contractors, builders and even homeowners for smaller-scale projects. Whatever you need, we can get it for you.

Do you need a secure, reliable storage solution?  Call Southeast Container today and let’s talk about the wonder of conex containers.