40 foot storage container

With so many companies offering modifications on shipping containers, its more common to find café’s, homes, offices, art exhibits and exhibition stages designed from repurposed shipping containers. That wow factor is not easily achieved and requires planning. Below we introduce you to some of the most common shipping container modifications if you’re looking to stand out.

Home additions

Is your family growing beyond the walls of your current space? Shipping containers can provide additional space for storage, work or play at less cost than traditional home additions. A shipping container must be modified to be suitable as a living space and is totally worth it. They can be designed with appropriate ventilation, water and electricity as well as temperature controls.

Mobile office or storage

Shipping containers can provide additional work or storage space needed for a growing company. This space can function as an eating space or storage facility for goods or additional supplies. Containers are commonly used on construction sites for storage.


Visit a company that does container modifications and you are likely to see some pretty impressive café designs. The modifications and accessories are designed for practicality and appeal from air conditioning to specialty flooring and shelving, hot water systems, modern kitchens, and attractive décor. Modified containers make beautiful eateries. They are small, easier than building and can be relocated making them a preference of many small business owners.


Artists need a space to showcase their talents in Nashville, TN. Repurposed shipping containers allow artisans to reach a broader audience by creating their very own mobile studio. With the help of eye-catching displays you can stand out at your next event. Safety features may also be included to protect and preserve the artist’s hard work.

When determining what modifications must be done to a shipping container, you will need to take legal regulations, cost and practicality into consideration. The security of your property and how the container is to be used are very important.

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