From building houses to transporting and storage, cargo containers have many different uses. There several places in Nashville, TN to get the container you need at an affordable price. It’s essential to be careful of the quality and value of the container when making this important purchase. Let’s look at some key characteristics of cargo containers you will need to evaluate.


The most appropriate size of cargo container will depend on your requirements. Shipping containers come in a variety of sizes and can be modified for your specific needs. Research the types of cargo containers are available in your area. When determining the size consider what you will be using it for. The height, width and length will all be important measurements. If you require a non-standard width speak to a quality provider. There are containers designed to fit most any need.

Structural integrity

Regardless of how you intend to use the shipping container it must be structurally sound. Are there any holes inside or outside? When the doors are closed there should be no light inside the container. If you see any light through a hole or around the openings when the doors are closed you may want to consider a different container as this one is not properly sealed allowing for damage to your property. The best containers are watertight as well.


The container will need to be secure if you are using it for storage. Most containers come fitted with a lock box which makes it almost impossible for anyone to break in and steal its contents. You risk incurring additional costs, by damage or loss to your property or if you have to install a lock box yourself.


Examine the flooring of the cargo container to ensure it’s in good condition. Most containers have wooden flooring that should be operationally undamaged. If you notice any missing pieces you will incur extra costs to have the flooring repaired. This is especially important if you plan on converting the container into a living space.

Dents and marks

For residential or business spaces, you don’t want your property’s aesthetic value compromised. Make sure the container you purchase looks presentable. Markings and dents on a cargo container can be expensive and challenging to fix. It’s best to select a container that doesn’t have marks or dents if you are planning to modify it into a living or work space.

Our steel storage containers (ISO containers, conex boxes, shipping containers, building gear storage containers) are common for temporary storage of tools and equipment on construction sites.

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