Questions to Ask Before You Rent or Buy a Conex Box

Are you looking to build a new home or container storage area? If you are, have you thought about buying a conex box as base material? It has numerous benefits including habitability, easy to work with, sturdy, and roomy. However, choosing the right conex box is not as easy as it sounds. There a wide range of factors that you need to consider before you settle for one. a reputable dealer will be very glad to answer all your questions. This guide will help you get a better idea of the questions you need to ask.

  1. Do you need a permit in your area to own a conex box? – This will prevent you from getting on the bad side of the law and help avoid any other unforeseen headaches.
  2. What are the available types and sizes of conex boxes? – This will help you know your options when selecting the right conex box for your use. Make sure that you pick the box that meets your needs, not something you won’t even fully utilize.
  3. How much ground space will it occupy? – This will help you figure out the best place to put your container and is good to know in case you ever move it.
  4. How long is the rental period? – If renting and not buying this just helps you gauge your future usage and costs.
  5. What is the delivery period? – This will help you plan your schedule and make sure that you are available to receive the conex box and make sure that it is placed in the right location.
  6. What uses am I restricted to? – As long as you’re buying, you’re not limited at all! If renting you can use it for many things, you just can’t modify it.
  7. Do you need a used or new shipping container? – This just comes down to your ultimate needs & goals, and the funds you have to work with. If you’re planning on a permanent project, you need to buy. If you truly just need on-site storage for a month, you’d be way better off just renting.
  8. Are they all the same? – Regardless of what a shipping container may have moved previous to your use of it, they should all look and perform pretty much the same. You shouldn’t ever have any lingering smells or issues as long as you are working with a reputable dealer.
  9. What type of shipping container is it? – Conex boxes may look the same but they have different measurements. They come in 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet lengths, door types also differ. These features will affect how you use the container.

Before you do anything else, you need to find the best shipping container retailer in your area, they’ll take care of you and answer every single question that you may have.