construction site storage

Construction sites are temporary spaces so renting a storage container for various reasons makes sense. The storage container can become a storage space for construction materials or it may be used as a mobile office space. In other scenarios, a storage container can be used as a sleeping or kitchen space for the construction workers. Take note of the tips below when shopping for a storage container in Nashville, TN.

You will need a permit.

Find out which permits are necessary before placing a storage container on your job site. Chances are it will be a temporary structure so a temporary permit will most likely be required but its better to verify this before issues arise. Permit requirements will be based on several factors including how close it will be to residential areas. You may even be limited regarding the distance to residential dwellings and length of time the container may be permitted on site.

Understand what size you need.

Construction storage containers are available in standard sizes of 20’ and 40’. However, there are suppliers who have modified sizes available to meet a variety of different needs. You will need to know the size that will be best suit your needs. Most suppliers of storage containers offer experienced assistance and reliable advice to determine the best size if you are not sure. They’re likely to know just what you’ll need due to their valuable knowledge in the industry.

What features are critical?

There are other essential features you will need to consider such as the grade and structural integrity. You will soon deal with leaks and rust if you choose a container that already has dents. Avoid containers with holes. Knowing if the container is wind and water tight will also be important particularly if using the container for storage. If the container has been treated with chemicals it is possible they can leak and cause damage to any stored property.

Inspect the container.

If its your first time renting or purchasing a steel storage container you may not know exactly what to look for while inspecting a potential container. We recommend hiring a qualified individual to inspect it for you. If cannot inspect the container in person, request photos of the container the provider is trying to rent or sell.

Southeast Container is a local company based out of Nashville, TN. We offer options to rent or buy as well as onsite delivery. Call today to learn more about our products and services.


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