20 foot storage container

Steel storage containers are made from durable, strong materials. For this reason they still have plenty of life left after being retired from transporting freight around the world. Here are a few examples of how you can repurpose shipping containers.


Steel storage containers have the perfect structure to become a modern housing option. They can be stacked or laid out in almost any pattern your imagination can contrive. The containers are simple to set up and relocate. All you need is a little insulation, some ventilation, electricity and plumbing. Some great examples of housing projects using storage containers include the Illy Push Button House, the Ecopod or London’s Container City.

Mobile Work Spaces

Having a remote, mobile office may make it easier for onsite supervisors and project managers to stay organized and present. Storage containers would be the perfect alternative to help your business stay on top on things. They are easily relocated, easy to set up and maintain. A 20’ storage container can comfortably fit 3-4 desks or workspaces.


Storage containers are excellent options for the commercial food industry. They are affordable and convenient alternative to building and can be easily relocated. Storage containers can be modified to fit your business’ specific needs such as opening up the face of the container to set up a counter and serve customers.

Child friendly play spaces

Play is essential for the wellbeing of a child’s developing mind. Storage containers may be a perfect solution to provide an additional play area. Modifications can include stacking or connecting multiple containers and adding walkways and staircases. Throw in some learning games or books and you have a kid friendly play area. The versatility of storage containers is practically limitless.

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