Southeast Container shipping containerOne of the major avenues for the provision of solutions and alternatives, which are applicable for businesses and individuals, is mobile technology. Although it was greeted with much reluctance at the start, down the line, we have found mobile technology a viable tool for solving many problems and making otherwise tricky tasks easy.

The fact that mobile technology is developed to provide solutions instantaneously it was embraced by major players in different fields. The transportation industry is one of those fields that have tapped into the use of mobile technology.

For instance, Uber in a bid to address a peculiar problem plaguing service providers and the users of the service broke the modus operandi by leveraging mobile technology. Following the strides of Uber and its unprecedented breakthrough in the taxi landscape around the world, several transport options are now starting to embrace mobile technology and the solutions it provides.

The shipping container industry is not left out of this readiness to embrace “Uberization,” in fact, there are no doubts that the industry’s operational status quo is bound to change. If this is the case then, operators within the shipping container industry are expected to prepare and get themselves ready for the sudden wave that is about to hit them.

What Should These Operators Expect?

Firstly, “Uberization” or any other mobile technology solution, will bring about a change in the logistics surrounding shipping containers and introduce convenient ways of getting otherwise difficult logistics done. Imagine the stress involved in running shipping container logistics at the moment, and suddenly it appears as though a magic wand takes away this stress. The latter seems out of this world, that is precisely the aim here, to make it convenient for operators to thrive.

Secondly, they can be rest assured of the safety of their commodities because the operators will go through a very strict verification process and people will have the opportunity to interface directly with the service provider on the go.

While accountability will be a significant driver for the success of this, an attendant open negotiation process will eventually make shipping container service cheaper and will boost competition in the shipping container industry.

With mobile technology, the sky is no longer the limit but the starting point. Therefore, the successful implementation of mobile technology in shipping container logistics cannot be doubted.

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