More than ever before, the medical industry is in dire need of more space and storage to cater adequately to the well-being of patients. In recent years, there has been a surge of inpatient hospital admissions due to the pandemic. However, the space in most of these hospitals is not sufficient to cater to the rising demand for medical attention.

Conex Boxes in Memphis: Additional Space for Medical Industry

Since new brick-and-mortar medical care centers will take a while to construct, Conex containers have proven to be a faster alternative to supplying more clinic, storage, and even morgue space. The Conex containers provide the extra work and storage space that doctors and hospitals desperately need right now. Here are just a few ways they are being used.

Triage Clinic Space. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the need for more emergency response facilities in many hospitals. Emergency rooms were overwhelmed with incoming COVID patients mixed in with other medical emergency patients. Setting up a triage area outside the hospital helped keep patients separate and spaced apart in an outdoor environment.

PPE Storage. The pandemic created a requirement for personal protective equipment (PPE) to be used by all medical personnel and support staff. As a result, high quantities were ordered to deal with the need. Conex Containers are being used to store all this extra PPE.

Vaccine & Covid-19 Testing Sites. Testing the public and getting them vaccinated is a high priority across the country. In remote areas setting up locations that could handle these functions needed to be done quickly. These containers are ideal for these situations because they are mobile and quick to set up – just what is required by the ever-changing conditions of the pandemic.

Temporary Morgues. At the peaks, hospitals were experiencing a historic number of daily deaths. Their morgues could not process the bodies promptly (many funeral homes were unable to take the bodies because they were at maximum capacity also). Refrigerated Conex containers were used as temporary storage.

Could Your Business Use a Conex Container?

Irrespective of your business’s specific needs, our mobile containers are customizable. And can serve a wide range of demands. For example, we provide modified storage containers that serve as triage rooms, imaging centers, and examination rooms.

Southeast Containers

Do you need containers for short-term or long-term storage/workspace? Southeast Containers is a leading supplier of Conex boxes in Memphis TN. We will work with you to ensure that the size and functionality of our containers fit your specific needs. Our team of trained professionals can provide timely, customizable, and highly functional portable storage spaces that are available either for rent or purchase, depending on your immediate needs. Contact us today at 615-450-6005.