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Want to build or get a new garage? Looking to get a new space that is bigger, durable, affordable, and safe? People often want a new protected place for their car and other valuable items to be stored. A popular option nowadays is getting a shipping container, which has all the qualities they are looking for in a garage. Shipping containers are built from steel with exterior coatings that permit them to withstand any weather while keeping the interior dry. They can be moved to different locations with little effort. For long-term storage, some people even buy two containers and stack them.

Shipping containers are built for goods and materials to be shipped by boat, truck or train across water and land. These units are also sold or rented to companies and individuals for storage. They are a perfect solution for people to use for just about everything: outdoor cache, retail kiosks, bar and food eateries, parking, and even portable housing. Some containers are used as a home with a second container being the garage for their car. But how and why?

Will My Car Fit?

Containers, for starters, are roughly the size of an actual one-car (economy, mid-size, SUV) garage. It can feature everything else a garage includes: tools, a fridge or freezer, jet ski, boxes, and sporting vehicles. A lot of that just depends on what kind of space you’re working with. Shipping containers are often sold at very reasonable prices. Used and older shipping containers are inexpensive, but they are still of good quality when there is no damage to the walls and doors. As long as the doors can still be closed and latched, there is a weather-tight seal. They even cost less than an actual garage, including shipping.

Shipping containers are easy to install. The location only has to be level and truck accessible. Maintenance is easy because the containers are built to be rust-resistant. Adding a coat of paint will keep the unit usable for years. Applying roof tar on top as an extra coat against moisture can help.

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