Southeast Container shipping containerBuilding with shipping containers is a popular trend that has been increasing in popularity over the last several years.  Shipping containers are versatile and offer many benefits.  Let’s take a look at some of those benefits so that you can decide if building using a shipping container is right for you.

All Kinds Of Applications

The number one reason that people like to build with shipping containers is that they can be used to create all sorts of structures.  While the first structure that comes to mind is a storage facility, they have been used for many other purposes.  Houses and businesses are the most common, but people have also crafted schools and malls out of shipping containers.


When shipping items across the ocean and on trains, shipping containers naturally have to be weatherproofed.  That means the structures that you build out of shipping containers will already have a level of weatherproofing.  Being able to withstand rain and wind is critical for structures, and shipping containers offer that.

Durable Build

Shipping containers aren’t just weatherproof; they are incredibly sturdy.  During the shipping process they go through a lot.  From rocking ships to elements and debris on the trains, these containers need to be able to put up with it all.  When building with shipping containers, you will maintain this durability as long as you do not take too much of the steel or structure apart without reinforcing what is there.


A shipping container has a relatively short lifespan, and once it’s  time to retire them, some of them go to waste.  Building with shipping containers allows you to recycle these containers so they can see another life.  That is 3.8 tons of steel for every 40-foot unit that you can repurpose in your construction process.

Affordability Is Prime

One of the great things is that you can find shipping containers for little cost.  Used containers can be bought directly from shipping companies or through auctions.  Then, because they are already designed to be portable, they are easy (and cost-effective) to transport to the construction site.  As with any construction project, the amount you want to spend can vary, but houses built with shipping containers have gone from anywhere as low as $30,000 and as high as over $1,000,000.

Building a home is never an easy project but deciding to use a shipping container or containers can make the process a lot easier.  Each shipping container has proven itself through reliable service to shipping companies; it will continue to sustain itself as part of your home.  Take a look at these benefits and you can see the reason shipping containers are becoming one of the most popular new building tools.

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