Are you moving? Are you planning to use a shipping container to relocate your household? Do you need temporary storage during the move?

Storage containers are an ideal solution when moving. Selecting the right size needs to be your top concern. Finding the right size can help reduce moving costs. These simple guidelines will help you narrow down your options to find the best fit.

Know how much stuff you need to move

You need to know how much you are moving or storing before shopping for a shipping container. 20’ container probably will be sufficient for a one or two bedroom apartment. A two or three bedroom house may require three 20’ containers. Knowing how much space you will need is important.

Understanding standard shipping container sizes

Standard sizes are 20’and 40’ in length. The 20’ container is the size of a standard garage. The 40’ is twice as large. If all your belongings will fit in a standard small garage then a 20’ container will work but talk to the shipping container company anyway. They have experience and can help determine the ideal size container.

Identify the materials used to build the container

The building material of the container will determine how much weight it can handle. Most shipping containers are produced from steel and can hold items up to 5,000 pounds. If you are considering a plastic or wooden container you’ll need to understand the risk factors such as security and durability.

Find a dependable dealer

Be cautious when buying or leasing a shipping container. Research by reading reviews and industry articles to help choose a supplier with a reputation for quality products and modifications.

Shipping containers can be modified to safely store electronics and paper. Consider accessibility if you’ll need to get to your stored items on a regular basis.
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