40 foot storage containerDo you have an upcoming construction project around your home or business in the Nashville, TN area? Secure, convenient storage can be a primary concern during short-term projects. You also need to have enough storage for materials or property. These concerns are precisely why renting a shipping container may be your best option.

Shipping containers were initially intended for the mass transport of products. By offering the convenience and reliability they are known for they have outshined their original function. Though shipping containers offer outstanding options for temporary storage they can also be repurposed into mobile offices and homes, swimming pools, kiosks and much more.

Shipping containers are available for sale or rent. Renting is an excellent choice for short-term projects as it allows for flexibility on the length of time needed and the sizes. Storage container rentals are useful for the following projects:

Home construction

Purchasing bulk construction materials means you will need somewhere to safely and securely store these items. Mother Nature can cause significant damage to your supplies. You can rent a weather proof, lockable storage container for storing pavers, roofing materials, lumber and other bulk items you will use during the construction process. Onsite storage makes it simpler for the contractors to access materials. Container storage can help protect your investment, complete projects faster as well as save you money.

Home renovation

During a home renovation you will need somewhere to store furniture and household items so they are protected. Renting a warehouse storage facility could be costly. Steel storage containers come in 20’ or 40’ as standards but there are other sizes available to suit your needs while you finish your project.


Storage containers are spacious and easily relocated using a flatbed trailer. You can rent a storage container for days, weeks and months. Moving can be a stressful thing. If you rent a storage container for enough time you can pack and store your possessions at your own pace. Once everything has been packaged, a flatbed trailer will deliver your belongings to the next house. The storage container rental company typically provides pick up and drop off services for a fee.

There are a number of other ways rental shipping containers can be used. If you need weatherproof, spacious, affordable and safe storage a shipping container may be the ideal solution.


If you have a short-term need for a storage container, call Southeast Container today, especially if you are in or around the Nashville or central Tennessee area!