Shipping containers serve an endless number of functions these days. They are made entirely from solid and resistant steel materials. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from tiny to enormous. Shipping container storage for different types and usage has never been easier or more accessible than today.

Many industries are starting to see the benefits of using containers for short-term and long-term storage and transportation needs. One of the best container brands is Conex. Conex containers of all types were designed to ensure you can ship or transport nearly anything that you may ever need.

Common Shipping Container Sizes

Before we go over any variants, we want to review the standard sizes of shipping containers you can expect to find on the market. So, the most common type of containers on the market will be your 20ft and 40ft options.

You’ll generally see some 10ft options in there among these, but they are a bit rare. They tend not to have the size that international shippers are looking for, so they aren’t produced in such high numbers.

If you are looking for something on the larger end, you can find sizes such as 45ft and 53ft, but these are pretty rare and much more cumbersome than the slightly smaller standard sizes. No container will be as commonly found and readily available as a 20-foot shipping container.

Standardized sizing is one of the most critical factors of shipping containers. It allows them to be stacked and stored as efficiently as possible. It makes loading and unloading far faster than it would be otherwise.

If you have any special requests or need customization done to your shipping container, contact the pros at Southeast Containers!

If we don’t have the exact container you’re looking for in stock, we will do our best to get it for you or point you in the right direction. With the variety of shipping containers on the market, we feel confident you’ll be able to find the exact container you need!

Shipping Container Conditions

Shipping containers come in all kinds of conditions and is something you should keep in mind.

As far as a shipping container’s condition, what you need can depend on the container’s use, how long you want to use it, your budget, and if you care how the exterior looks.

You don’t particularly need a brand new container for most use cases. But at the same time, that brand new container will last longer and serve you better than any used one could! Here are your main options.

Used Shipping Containers

This label is very vague, encompassing the majority of containers that exist. You may also hear them called recycled containers.

Used shipping containers will almost always cost less than a brand new or single-use container. With that value, though, you can expect the container to be in rougher shape. It will have some scratches, minor dents, and other signs of use over the years.

As long as they still pass a careful inspection process, used Conex containers can be used for whatever you need.

Single Trip Containers

“Single trip” shipping containers are the perfect middle-ground for anyone looking to pay brand new container prices and wanting something in a little better condition than a heavily used container. These containers have been used a single time to carry cargo on a ship across the ocean.

These containers should not have any surface rust or dents on them. These containers are available because many shipping container retailers and transporters can’t financially justify shipping back an empty container and taking up that valuable space for no benefit. So, the companies will sell these almost brand-new containers to get them out of the way.

Most shipping companies prefer to use Conex containers. This is because international shipping container regulations are stringent. It doesn’t take much to make a container non-sea-worthy.

Brand New Containers

These are brand new containers, newly constructed, and have never been used in transport or transit before.

They’re going to be the most expensive option out there for you, but also the most structurally sound and easiest to modify if you so desire. With a new container, you know, without a doubt, it’s in perfect shape. You should find no wear or tear.

Shipping Containers also Make Perfect Car Storage

Are you limited on space? Want to make the most of your car storage?

Maybe your garage is full of storage, and you need a secure place right near your home to store your car.

Shipping containers are fantastic and affordable alternative solutions to storing something like a vehicle on your property, keeping it safe and in the best condition possible. Shipping containers are far cheaper than paying to keep your car in storage somewhere and not even being able to access it readily, plus it does a great job at protecting from thefts and more.

A quality shipping container will be completely wind and watertight, meaning it’s going to protect your vehicle from all weather conditions.

Another great thing about shipping containers is their customizability. You can have stuff like a roll-up garage door installed or windows, shelving, a place for your tools. Anything you want!

Many of our customers love the shipping container option. Even if you don’t drive the car that often, you have it accessible when you want it and don’t need to travel further than a few feet, and the vehicle will still be in the same condition you left it in, thanks to the airtight, strong exterior of the shipping container.

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