Uses of Storage Containers

Our storage containers have a wide variety of uses and by a wide variety of businesses.

General-Purpose Storage

Our storage containers are often used for general purpose storage. Water-tight door gaskets help protect your property from water damage, infestation from wild animals and pests and rot and decay that occur from exposure to the elements.

  • storage container constructionFarm, gardening, landscaping and livestock supplies
  • Construction materials
  • Paint and chemicals
  • New and used tires
  • Tools and equipment
  • Books, files and office supplies
  • Sporting equipment
  • Boats, motorcycles, bicycles, lawn-mowers, snowmobiles and snowplows
  • Equipment used by emergency services and military
  • Generators and power washing equipment

Steel containers can also be converted into shelters or offices:

  • Office or storefront
  • Temporary emergency housing
  • Dormitory
  • Mobile field office
  • Sandblasting booth
  • ”Tiny” house
  • Military office, command center and barracks

Steel storage containers are also used for other solutions:

  • To create a wall or barrier
  • Transportation of goods and materials by rail, sea, or truck