storage container3New home construction can be expensive, lengthy and frustrating and unnecessary for temporary requirements. For these reasons and more steel storage containers have become quite a popular solution. They simplify the process of construction for many homeowners. However, before you embark on building your own home out of steel storage containers there are some things to consider.

You will need the necessary permits.

Just like any other construction project you will need to contact your local building authority to obtain the proper permits. This process may seem a bit intimidating for homeowners so we recommend working closely with your contractor to help make this process simpler. Shipping container houses are not like your standard stick built home and will require specific details before permits can be issued. Do not begin any project without the required permits.

Modifications will be necessary.

Be prepared to invest in the necessary modifications to transform a steel shipping container into a home. Modifications should be planned or reviewed by a qualified structural engineer to ensure safety and quality when converting storage containers into long term houses. This is important because every alteration or hole weakens the structural integrity of the container. A structural engineer will help to ensure the container is structural sound throughout the process. Make sure your home is safe by only using contractors experienced with modifying shipping containers.

Save some money.

The process of cutting, welding and framing steel can increase costs on your project. To cut costs on the modifications, consider having the modifications done offsite. Having modifications done prior to delivery can save you money and makes the process easier on you.

Inspections are important.

Shipping container homes require inspections to verify they are secure for humans to live in. Inspectors will assess the plumbing, electrical, foundation and architectural design. This is another reason to work with experienced contractors when building your unique steel shipping container home. You will be provided a certificate of occupancy after passing the inspection. This proves your home is now safe to move in.


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