Home1Steel shipping containers can be acquired after 5 years of being used as a cargo carrier. Homeowners are opting to repurpose these containers using some truly amazing designs instead of leaving them to lie around unused. We’ll now look at some innovative uses of steel storage containers in Nashville, TN.

Modern, energy-saving home

Shipping containers have been used for housing for quite a while. Imaginative people have created compact, modern living spaces out of these abandoned containers that are easily built and relocated. The homes or offices provide additional space with some very unique designs. For those looking for minimalist or unique designs, a home made from shipping containers is an ideal option.

Lodging and eateries

You’ve probably seen to a food joint made out of a shipping container. Containers are also used to create some very interesting hotel experiences. Modifications include air conditioning and kitchens which provides for a comfortable stay. There are some pretty amazing hotels designed from shipping containers.


Shipping containers can be an ideal office space. Containers that may have been used for recycling are now being repurposed into home offices, work spaces for construction sites or even break rooms for workers. On a job site, containers can provide a place to have coffee and store personal items as well as meeting space and keeping important files or documents on site. Shipping containers can provide a functional and convenient office space.

Museums and art galleries

Repurposed shipping containers aren’t just useful for storing artwork or antiques, they can be an ideal solution for displaying your treasures as well. Museums have been using shipping containers to create modern settings to display art for a long time. Artists and collectors have been using shipping containers to exhibit artwork such as paintings, sculptures and photography throughout the city. The durability and security of their property makes this a practical solution. But even more than that, most artists and collectors want to reach as many people as possible, to share their passion with the world. The ability to painlessly relocate these spaces makes a shipping container ideal for travel to different cities.

Kid friendly play spaces

Shipping containers can be transformed into child friendly spaces. Their durability enables them to endure these rambunctious and sometimes clumsy little humans. They can be designed with unique features like bright, welcoming walkways and colorful balconies where kid friendly activities are available to experience. Parks and playgrounds use containers to create unique play spaces. The local ice cream guy makes a living from a steel shipping container.

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