Shipping Containers VS Storage Sheds

Southeast Containers storage containerAre you running out of functional space to put things? Have you been thinking about having a shed built in your backyard? If so, have you put any thought towards getting a shipping container instead? Shipping containers are gaining in popularity for a good reason. They are simple, but also strong and durable. A storage container is a better long-term investment than a shed would be for most people. This article should help you understand the many reasons why. The prime thing going for shipping containers is how portable they are, they’re relatively easy to move and can be shipped all around the country just how they are. Your shed, on the other hand, will probably never be able to leave your home. Sheds also tend to be much smaller than any container, meaning you could have trouble getting all of your things to fit in there.

  • Durability- These amazing shipping containers are weatherproof. This means that they do well in extreme environments. They’re meant to be shipped across the ocean, after all. They will stand strong during any weather. They can withstand snow, rain, and even extreme wind. Storage sheds are built strong, they can stand up to weather. However, they tend to mostly be made of wood. Eventually wood absorbs water, rots, and then begins to break down and weaken. The big difference here is material-wise. Wood VS corten steel. You can decide for yourself what you think is stronger.
  • Minimal Assembly- Shipping containers are perfect if you need an immediate storage option. A shipping container does not need to be assembled, they are ready for use after purchase. The only assembly you may require will be on the interior. For example, you may want to put up shelving or something on the wall to hold all of your tools, and that’s very easy to do. Sheds on the other hand, sometimes have to be built on location. If you do get a pre-built unit, you should also be good to use it right off the bat.
  • Affordability-When purchasing a storage shed you will realize that it is quite affordable. But after some time, you will notice that the cheap shed is not as durable as it seemed at the beginning. You may have to keep repairing the same little things over and over, or even replace it every once in a while. Even though shipping containers are not as cheap as shed containers, they give you much better value. They are a good investment, though a large one. They’ll last you for an extremely long time, they should be the last storage unit that you have to think of in your life so long as you don’t run out of space! You can also store a lot more strangely shaped things inside it, things like a lawn mower, for instance, you can park it inside no problems. You may run out of space or not be able to fit a lot of your tools in your shed, but you can fit all of them in your containers.