Shipping containers are bulky in both size and weight. Forklifts and cranes are mostly used to aid the movement of these bulky boxes. In this article, we share some ways to assist the transport of shipping containers.

The manufacturers of the shipping containers have designed these structures wisely. The design ensures the containers can be easily transported using both cranes and forklifts. Even if you’ve modified these containers as offices, workspaces, or homes, their mobility can be maintained using forklifts and cranes. However, certain factors determine secure shipment.

Why Do Forklifts And Crane Work So Well?

Castings are provided at each of the eight supports on the shipping container and storage containers. These castings enable twist locking for secure stacking of containers during shipment. These castings also act as the connection points for lifting the unit with cranes. The primary purpose of these castings is to enable loading, offloading, and stacking. Most of the harbors and ports have dockside cranes for the moving of containers and are referred to as “ship to shore cranes.”

For the movement of the containers around a dockyard and port, forklifts are primarily used to load the containers onto trucks for further travel to their inland destinations.

When To Choose A Forklift Or A Crane?

As mentioned previously, the design of the shipping containers is flexible to work with both forklifts as well as cranes. However, your choice will vary depending upon the situation.

When the containers have to be continuously moved within the yard or area, forklifts are a better choice.

In case of installing a building or workspace cranes can be a better choice. The cranes can save time and also reach remote places, which can be a challenge for forklifts. Cranes are also used for placement in locations inaccessible to forklifts. Also, to be considered is the availability and expense of a proper forklift or crane.

How Can We Help?

If your business has occasional shipping requirements, then it’s a futile effort to purchase either a forklift or a crane. It’s better to outsource the task of moving these bulky shipping containers and storage containers to the experts. We at Southeast Containers offer all such professional services. We can help you in moving the shipping containers smoothly at the site of your choice. Also, we can do container modifications to create workspaces, homes, or any other use you might need. Contact Southeast Container to discuss your business needs. Call 615-450-6005 for more information.