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 Shipping containers are the go-to solution for a number of needs from storage to large-scale transport and even modification into offices and buildings. Being such a useable and strong medium, shipping containers are the perfect answer to a lot of problems. Containers can be delivered onsite with no more than one truck, and can be then moved again anywhere you may need with just one truck, no need for an army of machines or a huge group of workers to make a move. Conex containers are even great for transporting stuff for a move, it’s as simple as packing up then sending your full container to your destination. Hard to beat that! If you’ve never used one before the concept of using a shipping container for any reason may sound a bit strange, but you’ll be sold on the idea of them as soon as you really get to use it.


Shipping containers come in an array of sizes, but the most common and often used size you’ll run into is the 20-foot. Other than that you’ll commonly find 10-foot and 40-foot containers. They come in very specific standard sizes because the containers are designed to be stacked during shipping. These are more specialized and thus not as common as the standard 20-foot, but they’re still very prevalent and can be sourced easily. The 40-foot is better for large commercial or storage of big machines or goods/materials. The 10-foot is going to be better for home use and easy portability. The size that’s best for you just comes down to your preferences and what works best for your needs. For most people, the 20-foot variations are all they’ll need, but of course, everyone is different.


We have a huge inventory of storage containers that we can literally deliver right to you, wherever you want it! We have containers available in 10, 20, and 40-foot variations. Just so you’re aware, these can be referred to as conex containers, storage containers, and freight containers among other things. A lot of shipping containers are used in all different types of construction to store materials and as mobile offices. Beyond that they’re also great for domestic use, really anything you may want to use them for, they can do. Now beyond just all of the different sizes of shipping containers we have available, we also have a wide variety of special features and options you can go for if you want. Those being things like side opening containers, high-cube containers that are taller than normal, or even top-opening containers! If you have a rough idea of what you need but aren’t exactly sure, just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you and help you figure out your ideal solution.

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For those of you that don’t need permanent or long-term storage, renting a shipping container is the perfect solution. No other container company in the Nashville area can match the quality of our containers. If you have a short-term need for a storage container on your job site, just give us a call! We’re more than happy to rent out whatever container you may need! If you just let us know what you’ll be storing and roughly how much of it, we can point you in the right direction to the perfect container for you. We have a lot of experience in short-term storage and a lot of insight to share!

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Southeast Container specializes in the modification of both new and used shipping containers. If you have a vision for your container, we can make it come true. Over the last 10 years, we have modified shipping containers into home and mobile offices, garages, studio spaces, concession stands, greenhouses, training facilities, and much more. Working closely with our customers to meet their needs on both small and large scale projects is one thing we do best.  Our customization team can outfit any standard or customer-fabricated shipping containers with roll-up doors, windows, paint, electrical work, HVAC, insulation, etc. We oversee our projects from start to finish and we have the solution to meet your needs. We look forward to working with you on your next custom shipping container project!


It’s important that your shipping container not only have space for all the things you need to store, but it keeps them safe and maintains the exact condition it was in when you stored it originally. Conex containers are designed with security in mind. They’re designed to pass over the open ocean for weeks at a time and through multiple ports of entry all while maintaining the integrity of the often sensitive and sometimes valuable cargo inside. All of that is to say, you can trust a conex container to keep your belongings safe from everything from people with bad intentions to weather events. Security is extremely important for residential and commercial use alike. We’ve had nothing but great results in terms of security over the years.


Shipping containers have one massive leg up on sheds and storage units. That being mobility, the ability to travel with you, and go where you need. When you decide to build and install a shed you do it with both its initial and final resting spots in mind, because they’re probably the same place. Some sheds are moveable but most have to stay in place, you can risk damaging or breaking them if you try to move them. Storage units are even more stuck in place. Not only can you not move it, you have to travel all the way to them just to store something. This is just a lot of extra trouble when you can walk right outside to your storage container and be inside it in less than a minute. A shipping container can be put on a trailer and hauled just about anywhere you need it, with relatively minimal work. One huge plus about having a shipping container is when it comes to moving. You aren’t going to be bringing your shed along, but you can easily pack a lot of your belongings into your container and have it shipped to your new home so not only will a lot of your things make it there in one trip, but you’ll have immediate storage available!


When it comes to mobile offices, workspaces, storage solutions, truly anything, a modified shipping container is the way to go. Containers can be customized and made into fantastic mobile offices where workers can congregate, meetings can happen, problems can get solved, and serious detailed work can get done. They can also be used simply to store any and everything you may need on a job site. You can easily put in shelving or hooks on the wall to hang up and store specific things, just about any customization you want or need can be done.

So in summary, storage containers are nearly always going to be your best option for all of your storage and other needs. It can hold all of your construction equipment securely and it can also store millions of old files and keep them safe from any elements. It can be moved as you need it to, meaning it can truly stay with you wherever you go. If you need a good amount of at-home or on-site storage, you’re only hurting yourself by not investing in a good-quality storage container.

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