When choosing storage, it needs to be a place that is secure, durable, and convenient. The sheer number of options can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Hiding in plain sight is the perfect solution that many people have not even considered: shipping container storage.

Industrial-sized containers have been used for decades to transport goods and equipment across the oceans. They can safely house everything from household items to industrial equipment and everything in between. Weatherproof, strong, and easy to move, the list of why shipping containers are the superior means of storage goes on and on.

Shipping Container Storage Benefits


Storage should be impenetrable to the harshest weather conditions, and shipping containers can do just that. The first containers were built in the 1950s to securely store and transport goods across rough seas. They have since remained the most dependable means of storage available. Countries worldwide rely on these containers to keep a range of products safe and intact even through the nastiest weather.

Shipping containers’ defense against rain, wind, and snow make them a practical storage option for all situations. A person or company can confidently store expensive machinery or valuables in an extreme climate without losing sleep.

Easily Portable

Regarding portability, shipping containers have every other form of storage beat. People often use designated storage facilities to put away old furniture, equipment, and vehicles, which works great. However, when a person or company is moving, stored items must be taken out of the unit, loaded onto a truck, and unloaded into a new storage unit – that’s a lot of work.

A more convenient option is to use a shipping container that can easily move from one site to the next without having to be unloaded and reloaded. If someone isn’t ready to commit to flat out buying a container, don’t worry. Companies offer rental units at affordable prices. Containers come in different sizes to fit the location and needs of each individual.

Accessible and Spacious

The ideal place to store away belongings is somewhere spacious and easily accessible. Standard containers have a height of 8.5 feet and a length of either 20 or 40 feet, offering a generous amount of room. Inside, there is space for stacks of boxes, big pieces of furniture, and even vehicles.

The best part about using shipping container storage is how accessible everything is. Unlike storage facilities that offer cramped units located down narrow hallways, containers have large doors and can be placed in an open lot. ATVs and dirt bikes can be driven right into the containers, stored safely, and driven right out when a person is ready to use them – now, that’s convenient. Some containers can even open on both sides. In that case, stored goods would become twice as readily available as traditional storage facilities.

Free of Rodents and Insects

A storage unit could be weatherproof, portable, and spacious, but if it doesn’t keep out rodents and insects, then it is worthless. Pesky critters like rats and cockroaches love to make nests inside cardboard boxes. If left unnoticed, they could do irreparable damage to valuables and other belongings. Replacing the tarnished goods would cost a pretty penny – not to mention, the clean-up isn’t fun.

Storing your belongings in a shipping container, on the other hand, will prevent the cleverest of pests from weaseling their way inside. Shipping container storage can be a lifesaver for anyone who needs a safe place to store perishable goods.


At shipping ports, containers are flung around and stacked on top of each other without sustaining damage. Their strength and durability are no match for the heaviest equipment or violent collisions. Anyone using a container as storage will not have to worry about warping or harming the integrity of the steel structure. They are so durable that people have even used them to build multi-story houses. Most containers have an average lifespan of 25 years and can be recycled when their time is up. Old shipping containers are often melted down and made into new ones– the gift that keeps giving.

Shipping container storage is one of the best ways to store a range of belongings. The near-impenetrable structures can be relied on to keep the most robust and expensive objects safe from threatening outside forces. Then, when moving is required, the container can be transported to the new location without a hassle. There are reasons cargo companies have used shipping containers for so long, and they will continue to do so for years to come.

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