Shipping containers are durable, reliable, and affordable. Essentially a giant steel box, these containers are vital to international and domestic shipping and commerce. They can serve other purposes as well, however. Since steel containers are so affordable, durable, and reliable, they are also often remodeled or modified to suit a multitude of other needs. This versatility allows Conex boxes in Memphis, TN, to be used as storage units, construction site offices, workshops, or even a pop-up retail space.

Conex Boxes in Memphis: Container Versatility

It’s obvious why these steel containers are ideal for long-term storage. Their large size, twenty or forty feet long as needed, provides plenty of room for supplies, equipment, and even small vehicles. In addition, this use is ideal for remote construction jobs where security and protection from the elements are needed.

Durable & Reliable

Since steel containers often are transported transoceanically without protection, they need to be durable and reliable to protect their contents. Therefore, they are waterproof, weather-resistant, rust-proof, and, in some cases, equipped with an HVAC system for temperature control. They can also be easily modified to suit other specific needs while already being well suited as a base structure.

As a result of their easily modified structure, converting storage containers into multi-room workspaces is very common. They can be converted to mobile offices for use at remote locations, as additional classroom space, or as mobile clinics. Their portable nature makes them ideal for such applications, as they can be settled in place, quickly established, and then packed up and moved as needed.


In addition, to use as offices and clinics, Conex boxes can also be modified to offer other services in remote or onsite locations. For example, their size and design make them ideal for potential portable recreation rooms or showers, additions to a remote location that might not be first considered but are excellent additions to the site. They can also be modified for use as a storefront, another option not typically considered but valuable for more sparse areas.

With suitable adjustments, steel containers can be made into homes, offices, classrooms, or clinics. Though those homes might seem small, larger containers can be modified into affordable, durable housing. Containers can also be adjusted to fit together if needed, expanding their already highly versatile nature.

Climate Control

The wide range of uses is primarily thanks to the straightforward nature of steel container modification. As part of that, as previously noted, installing climate control or HVAC systems significantly increases the versatility of shipping containers. Some containers need such changes to store the goods being transported properly.

Adding a climate control system to a steel container starts with adding vents. Since the container is a giant box, it is not designed for ventilation and airflow under normal circumstances. Hence the need to add vents. As for conditioning, a wall-mounted air conditioner is usually sufficient due to the relatively small and contained square footage involved.


For ventilation, a roof turbine vent is often sufficient for most basic needs. However, vents, air conditioners, and other climate control devices such as refrigeration may be combined to suit the container’s desired needs. Such modifications are so easy to install, thanks to the simple and durable design of the containers themselves.

Sometimes, offsite power is needed for climate control or ventilation. For example, this can be the case at construction sites, where various generators are required for job support. In this case, the systems in the containers will need to be more robust and naturally require more power.

Think Outside the Box

Whether heavily modified into a home, office, clinic, or lined and used as an outdoor pool, Conex boxes in Memphis, TN, are highly durable and versatile. Thanks to their reliability and availability, buying a shipping container and modifying it to suit various needs can be pretty cost effective. Construction support is one primary avenue for such modified containers, but it is not the only place they can be found. Classrooms, clinics, offices, and homes made from steel containers are ideal for remote locations such as rural and sparsely populated areas, bringing affordable and portable services to areas with limited infrastructure.

It can take effort to control or modify a container for such needs, but it is still an affordable option in many areas. With how widespread containers are across the globe, purchasing and remodeling them for various needs is often well worth the investment. On their own, when properly stored and maintained, containers can last for decades. Modified, it’s simply a matter of maintaining them so they can serve such varied needs.

Southeast Containers

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