Clarksville TN Shipping Container Sales

Southeast Container is Clarksville, TN’s go-to supplier of truly quality storage containers. A lot of places will sell you a container, few will sell you a quality shipping container. With an amazing stock to choose from we’re sure to have the right container for you.

Customers frequently lease steel shipping containers for construction jobs. These ‘conex’ containers work great to safeguard materials or even as a mobile office. The versatility of our containers is astounding!

Ever contemplated constructing your own “tiny house”? We are a great place to start with an extensive assortment and experienced guidance. The uses are just astounding.


Sometimes referred to as conex containers, shipping containers are one of the most versatile and useful storage and building options you have today. Your conex container can be customized for just about any purpose, they’re far more than just storage containers. A lot of people may be skeptical at the idea of using a conex container for anything, but once you’ve experienced how superior they are, you’ll never want to look back. They can be converted to mobile restaurants, portable storage units, mobile offices, whatever you need they can deliver.


These mobile offices are incredible, nobody realizes how amazing they are until they get their hands on one and really use it. Let’s think about what shipping containers are designed for. They’re designed to stand up to the stresses of international shipping for days and weeks at a time. They’re extremely strong and portable, the two things you really want in your office. You can also easily customize your office, put in the seating you need or storage for all of the plans and papers you need on-site, you can truly make it your office. Check out our portable mobile offices page to learn more!

Container Sizes

Southeast Container has both 20 and 40-foot containers for delivery in the Clarksville area. In case you want another size or are found outside the Clarksville, TN area, or anything else, please just give us a call or contact us. We can generally source 10-foot and other various types of containers that you may need. Find out more about our 20′ containers or our 40′ containers.

About Our Shipping Containers

Our containers are crafted of 14 gauge steel delivering first-class protection from vandals, thieves, and weather. One end of the container has cargo doors that swing open. This really is essential when determining where to put your container. The doors lock and have industry-standard weather tight gaskets. Overall, our storage containers are an unequaled option for temporary or long term storage of valuable equipment and material due to their safe and weather-resistant design.

Storage Containers For Sale

steel cargo containersYou can’t go wrong with our incredible selection of storage containers for sale. We’ll even deliver directly to your location. Shipping containers are offered in 20′ or 40′ sizes. We will say that these goes by many names; be in storage containers, shipping containers, conex containers, and more. Though it has many names, these are all going to be the same. Most of our storage containers are used on construction sites around Clarksville TN for commercial, residential, industrial and retail building yet they are versatile well outside the construction industry. While many of our shipping containers are 20′ and 40′ in size, we also have a few other sizes available that may be perfect for your individual circumstances. Just give us a call, tell us about your storage needs, and let our qualified staff assist with finding you the best fit.

Storage Container Rentals

No other company in the Clarksville TN area can provide the quality customer service we can with such great products to back it up. For those who only need a short-term solution we have you covered! Monthly storage container rentals are available! Not certain what size is best for you? No problem! Just talk to us, tell us what you need, and we’ll help you figure out the best solution.

We Deliver!

Arguably the best thing about shipping containers – the sheer portability that they offer. From Clarksville to Nashville or other surrounding areas, we can bring it right to you! Need more than one? Just let us know and we’ll start getting things all worked out. We’ve got one of the largest and highest quality stocks of steel shipping containers in all of Tennessee!

Aside from Clarksville, we also serve surrounding areas such as Columbia, TN. Learn more about our Columbia, TN storage containers today!

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