Shipping containers are incredibly durable, versatile, and, as a result, reliable. Besides just their use for transporting cargo and supplies in large quantities, they have plenty of other purposes. Thanks to their size and sturdy nature, storage containers are often converted into extra storage, spare rooms, offices, workshops, and homes. As a result, it can be easy for Tennessee shipping containers to be used for on-site storage for supplies, equipment, and materials.

Storage Containers

For companies wishing to explore the option of using a shipping container for storage, care needs to be taken to ensure that the containers remain safe, secure, and properly maintained. They are just a big metal box, after all.

Site Preparation

Before placement of the containers can start, the ground where they’ll sit needs proper preparation. The ground space should be level and easily accessible by the truck delivering the container. Avoid placing it on soft ground to prevent sinking. While a concrete base is not a requirement, it can be helpful. At the very least, raising the container off the ground will help prevent wear. Overhead obstructions, like branches and power lines, should not be present in the placement location. The containers must be level if they’re being stacked.


When the location is decided and prepared, it’s time to handle the delivery. The first most crucial part of the delivery is remembering that even an empty container is quite heavy and can be damaged if mishandled. All safety precautions for personnel need to be in place because an accident can be lethal.

The second part of a safe delivery is to trust the delivery driver. If the driver has any advice, listen carefully. The driver knows how to handle their cargo and their rig. Take the delivery slow and steady to avoid accidents.

All the rules for heavy lifting and unloading apply here as well. Don’t fiddle with the support lines, keep your limbs clear of danger, and make sure the container stays level. As for the container itself, it can be unloaded either via crane or forklift. Either way, put safety first and move slowly.

Storage containers are great for various needs, and one of those needs is on-site storage of supplies and other needed equipment. Moving the containers to the site can be a daunting task and requires a fair bit of caution and preparation. Still, the containers’ versatility more than makes up for the hassle. Slow and steady is a good rule for heavy metal boxes, no matter how useful they are.

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