With the cost of housing increasing annually, people are searching for new and affordable options. One option to consider is building homes using shipping containers (also known as CONEX boxes). This innovative architectural technique is cost-effective, very creative, and a fantastic approach to using new or even used containers. This building material can reduce the burden on landfills and offer people a house with customized designs at an affordable price.

Being an amateur about home building using shipping containers, you might feel that shipping containers can create temporary residences with basic amenities. However, that’s a total myth. You can create designer homes and even modular buildings using a firm foundation of these containers. You can create company offices, departmental stores, community centers, and much more with these cargo boxes. Exciting, isn’t it?

The containers can be stacked to create buildings with multiple levels. While stacking the shipping containers to create these modular buildings, a few safety tips must be followed. These are listed below:

Stack the containers correctly and carefully: The setup crew must use a crane to lift the containers from the truck and safely and accurately stack them. The container’s corner castings must be attached to the crane, which helps in easy lifting and safe placement. In some instances, forklifts can be used. However, using a forklift for staking is much more tedious in terms of the required time and expertise. Forklifts are also limited in the size of the container they can lift and the height they are raising the container.

Secure the stacks: As the layers of containers are stacked, stability has to be maintained. This stability is achieved when the top of each container is modified with twist locks. The four corners of the top layer stack with the lower one using these twist locks. This locking system makes the building immobile and safe.

Additional protection: Apart from twist locking, professionals at Southeast Containers ensure further safety from rain, and other weather-related disruptions using additional protection like installing flashing and ridge caps on top of each container. These additional installations provide increased safety and extended durability.

Once the building is stacked, and the base is constructed, electricians and plumbers can be employed to add further amenities.

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