There are a lot of shipping containers across the globe. Since these standardized containers are essentially giant steel boxes and are easy to manufacture, they are incredibly important for international and domestic shipping and transporting products. In addition, they’re often so cheap that companies often leave them at the final destination and buy new ones rather than have the empty containers shipped back. That means there are plenty of slightly used containers around the world. With so many containers around, it’s not surprising that people started to look for other ways to use them. With shipping container modifications, it turns out there are a lot of creative uses for them, providing affordable options not only for transport but other services and products as well.

Shipping Container Uses


As just one of many examples, shipping containers are being increasingly used to provide affordable housing. Larger containers are about the same size as a mobile home and can be combined to make larger homes or buildings. It does take some work for such modifications, but considering the housing market’s volatility sometimes, converting a container can make for a comfortable, affordable house much more quickly.

Temporary Workstations

Since even modified shipping containers remain pretty mobile in most situations, they are also incredibly popular for applications where a portable workstation or service is temporarily needed in an area. For example, mobile first aid stations or washrooms are great for remote construction sites or storm ravaged villages. With customized shipping container modifications, a container can serve such purposes.


At the same time, the durability of shipping containers makes them ideal for stationary work as well. Besides transforming them into offices or homes, containers are great for onsite storage of larger equipment and smaller vehicles. Being a giant steel box with doors, all it takes is some extra locks or keypad access to turn a container into a giant safe.

Additional Reasons to Use Shipping Containers

From homes to mobile medical stations, the variety of ways to use shipping container modifications is impressive. However, the question for some might be why the containers are so popular. Cost can’t be the only factor, after all.

Cost is undoubtedly part of the equation but not the only factor. These containers are numerous and can often be purchased very cheaply, and from there, the modification costs are modest compared to other options, such as buying a new home. Shipping containers are used for so many different purposes because their durability and simplicity provide a lot of variety in use options. Since they are designed to travel across open oceans in massive stacks on decks of large ships, shipping containers are pretty durable, made from steel, and intended to take a beating. Weatherproofing is also part of what makes the container so durable and lasting. On their own, with minimal maintenance, they can last for decades.

Environmentally Friendly

That said, they do eventually wear out if left alone. Putting them to use again provides recycling on a major scale since the larger containers are constructed of nearly four tons of steel. That means shipping container modifications help not only people but also the environment. Since there are so many containers around the globe, lots of which are just sitting and rusting away, putting them to use again is definitely a good idea.

So, it’s no surprise to see them used so widely for such an extensive list of purposes. Homes, storage, and mobile-first aid stations are just some of the wide-ranging uses for modified shipping containers. Mobile school rooms and mobile offices for construction sites are additional excellent examples.

Out of the Box Thinking

One’s imagination only limits the versatility of these shipping containers. Other uses that people might not consider at first are a swimming pool or pop-up storefront. These options offer cheaper alternatives to more traditional methods, with the added potential of portability. The initial savings of using containers, even when modified, makes them incredibly versatile. Combined with their durability, sturdy build, and longevity, it’s no surprise to see them used in many different fields and services.

They are durable and weatherproof. Reusing shipping containers helps the environment by putting tons of steel into use once more, not to mention reducing the amount of scrap metal laying around rusting away. Affordable and easy to modify, shipping containers are a popular and highly desirable commodity for modification to other uses. After all, there’s a reason so many companies are dedicated to making such modifications. Companies that provide shipping container modifications can turn old containers into customized homes, storage, and offices. These companies are popular and successful for a reason: the wide-ranging use and strength of the shipping containers upon which their business is based.

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