When the need arises to use shipping containers for storage, an on-site office, or a pop-up store, there’s the question of whether to buy or rent the container. The best thing to do would be to weigh your options based on your budget, how long you’ll need the container, and the specific task it’ll perform. We have also given this question (to buy or rent?) thought, and the following tips will help you decide.

Memphis TN Shipping Containers: To Buy or Rent?

When To Buy

The benefits of buying a container are enormous, but the most significant is the customization option. When you buy a shipping container, you have the sole right to use it to serve any purpose you need. For example, you can modify it into a mobile office, storage unit, kiosk, or house and change its features and accessories to meet your standards or needs. In addition, you’ll never have to bother returning the container to the rental company after using it. That alone gives you the liberty you need and can help you save money in the long haul.

You may not have considered this before now, but buying shipping containers, whether new or used, helps you gradually write off its initial cost. If you don’t have a large budget, you can buy a used shipping container that’s still in good condition at a reduced price. If you choose this option, do some research to ensure you’re buying it from a reputable company.

Buy a shipping container if you:

  • Prefer to modify the container
  • Need to amortize its cost (at a reasonable upfront price)
  • Require long-term use

When To Rent

Renting gives you the option of reassessing the container size. Meaning that if you ever order a different size from what you need eventually, you can exchange it without any hassle. A rental container is a good choice if you need the container short-term for temporary storage during a company move or to hold excess inventory before a sale. Just be aware of the minimum rental periods that some container rental companies require.

It’s best to rent shipping containers if you:

  • Need a short-term storage space
  • Have low budget
  • Require a temporary workstation
  • Need to move to a new facility
  • During your office remodeling

Southeast Container

If you’re ever at a crossroads trying to decide whether to buy or rent in Memphis TN, you can use these tips to guide your decision. For more information on how to rent or buy containers, contact Southeast Container our sales/rental office at 615-450-6005. We’ll be happy to assist you.