Before making a shipping container purchase, you need to consider a few factors that will affect its durability. If the structural integrity is not excellent, then chances are you will not get your money’s worth. Here are the top factors you should keep in mind when opting for a shipping container.

Tips for Shipping Container Purchase

An Old Container

Many businesses prefer to purchase old shipping containers to save costs. While that is fine, you should always conduct a visual inspection purchase. If you buy it without an inspection, you might find that the container is not as sturdy as described. If the previous owner altered the container in any way, it might have affected its structural integrity. It is always better to buy a new shipping container, but you can always do a thorough inspection of a less expensive old one if you don’t have the budget.


Too many alterations can put the structural integrity of your container at risk. For example, cutting corner castings and walls is a common practice, but they significantly impact the container’s structural stability. That is why it is better to opt for a few alterations that don’t harm your container. When making a shipping container purchase, ensure that it is suitable for your needs. Alterations lead to the weakening of the base structure in the long run.

Improper Stacking

Many businesses stack various containers for storage or to create massive structures. These containers need to be stacked with precision. Improper stacking is a significant safety hazard that you don’t need to inherit. To stack a container correctly, you should use suitable equipment and have an experienced crew. Ensure that all units are stacked at the corners instead of diagonal to provide the most support. Once you have stacked the containers, install a locking mechanism and secure the container stays in place.

Southeast Container

These are the top three factors that can put the structural integrity of a container at risk. If you are considering a shipping container purchase, you are in the right place. Southeast Container is the top provider of the best shipping containers in the region. For more information on our services, call 615-450-6005.