The entire cargo shipment business relies upon the strength and durability of shipping containers. A company must choose wisely and purchase the right style from a reputable vendor. While end opening containers have been traditionally used, side opening containers may serve the purpose better depending on the situation. This article provides information on the features of side opening storage containers Brentwood.

Features of Side Opening Container

Purchasing a side opening container is the same as buying any other shipping container. The additional features of a side opening container include:

  • Sufficiently large doors for easy loading (The entire side of the container opens plus there are end doors like traditional containers)
  • Side doors can open to 270 degrees
  • Secure waterproof sealing side doors to ensure moisture-free environment inside the container
  • Durable and highly versatile designs made with high-quality steel

Benefits of Side Opening Container

As mentioned previously, the side opening containers offer advantages over the traditional style container. The benefits are elaborated here:

Easy to Load and Unload: Mostly, forklift and flatbed trucks are used for loading. Loading is easy as forklifts can quickly drive-in and complete the work of loading or proper stacking via the door.

Improved Accessibility: Using the traditional shipping container, the pattern to unload follows top to bottom style. What goes in first, comes out last. While with a side opening container, either end of the container is accessible. No need for a lot of unloading to get to items.

Enhanced Space Utilization: With side opening containers, you can have multiple compartments to serve for different purposes. Dividing the container into compartments can keep cargo from shifting during transport and protect delicate cargo from damage.

Use Multiple Loading Teams: In traditional containers, only a few people and one forklift can be loading at the same time due to the door size. In the side opening containers, numerous teams can be packing at the same time because the entire side of the container is open.

Versatile Conversions: You can easily modify the side opening containers into homes, shops, storage, etc. The side door could be replaced with sliding glass doors or multiple roll-up doors for more utility options.

Look at Side-Opening Containers Today

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