Shipping containers are not one size fits all. They come in several standard sizes, so it’s essential to understand their dimensions. Containers have many uses and can help businesses and individuals in many ways. 

The dimensions of a container are crucial. Especially if you need to stack or have a container shipped across the country or the world, they need to conform to standardized measurements. 

This article will review the standardized dimensions of shipping containers in detail. This way, it is easier to determine your container needs.

What Are The Standard Dimensions of Shipping Containers?

The standardization of shipping containers began around seventy years ago when containers were starting to be moved on boats to different countries. Being able to stack the containers made transporting them much easier.  Standardized sizes are still used today. This standardization allows containers to be stacked compactly on trucks, ships, and trains. 

Containers are large items, so you need to understand these sizes to correctly report a container’s measurements. Correct measurements help shippers plan and save money when shipping. 

In the past, the standard dimensions were not as cohesive. America and Europe had completely different measurements for shipping containers. Different sizes made mixing the containers during shipping impossible. Today though, everyone uses the same measures.  

Buyers can choose from a 20′ which is usually transported on trucks and trailers. There is also a 40′, 45′, and 48′. These standard sizes are useful when shipping on large boats and other large vehicles. In some cases, though, you can get a container up to 53′. 

In terms of height and width, standard measures are used as well. Most shipping containers, in any of the standard sizes, the height will be between 8’6″ and 9’6″. The widths range from 7’8″ to 8′. 

The height and width required will depend on the type of vehicle used to transport the container. For instance, if a truck is used, a smaller size and narrower width is more fitting. Trucks have to navigate highways and pass under bridges, so trailer dimensions are crucial.

Though, it’s essential to consider the full dimensions of a container before purchasing and shipping them. Knowing what the standard measurements of containers are can help select the right size for the job.

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