Getting the right size shipping container determines how useful the container is once it is delivered. To choose the right storage container size that you need, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is the container for on-site storage or a custom solution?
  • What size and how many items do you need to store?
  • What kind of space do you have for the storage container?

Custom vs. On-Site Storage Containers

Portable storage containers are available in different sizes from 10ft to 53ft. However, the industry-standard length, which is the most popular and thankfully readily available, is container size 20 and 40 ft.

For custom storage, living or commercial solutions, the storage containers are created by cutting down larger units or specific container sizes, acquiring from a leasing company or a shipping line. If you are looking for a portable storage container or simple modifications, your best bet in terms of delivery time frame and cost is going for the 20ft or 40ft standard, and this Tennessee shipping container company has you covered.

Size and Amount of Storage Items

Considering the size and amount of the items you intend to store in the container helps you select the right container length and the correct height.

The 20ft standard container can hold the equivalent of one car garage with its 7’10” internal height. The 40ft container has the same width but twice the length, giving it the capacity of a two-car garage.

If you go for the high cube containers, they have the same footprint as the standard-sized ones, only a foot taller. One foot might not sound as much, but it gives the container enough room to accommodate oversized items that require a height of 8’10” inside. According to Tennessee shipping containers, if you are familiar with shipping container and cargo capacity terminology, you can think about Twenty-Foot equivalent units.

On-Site Storage Space

Shipping containers are durable steel boxes that require adequate storage space, primarily 40ft to 53ft units. That means determining the right container size; you have to think practically about the site of your storage location and the layout as well. Can your space realistically handle a 40, 45, or 53ft storage container? Or will the 20ft unit be a much better fit? Think of it this way, and the space should be large enough to meet on-site storage demands and small enough to squeeze into close quarters. Tennessee shipping containers recommend that you have one standard parking space for a 20ft shipping container or two parking spots for the 40ft container.

Southeast Container

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