This time of year, we all look forward to getting out the Christmas decorations. Who doesn’t love putting up twinkling lights, hanging wreaths, and decorating their home and tree with festive Christmas ornaments? Still, while making our homes festive can be a lot of fun, tearing down all your Christmas decorations and storing them for the next year isn’t nearly as exciting. Unfortunately, that is why many people are tempted to throw their Christmas things in a box and call it a day. 

But, to make it easy for next year, you want to store your decorations carefully. Careful packing means they won’t get damaged or become moldy. In this post, we’ll show you how to store your Christmas decorations properly. 

Storage Solutions For Excess Christmas Decorations 

Use Secure Containers

You want to make sure that you store any decorations in a secure storage container. You can use larger cardboard boxes to reduce the amount of space your decorations take up, but keep the original packaging for any delicate ornaments and decorations. This way, when you put them in a larger box, they don’t break or get crushed. If you don’t have the original box, use bubble wrap or plastic to prevent scratches and other surface damage. 

Label Your Containers

Once you have your decorations in a secure container, don’t forget to label your boxes. Unlabeled containers can be a huge hassle. You will have to dig through all your boxes to find your decorations next Christmas. Save yourself a headache by labeling everything you have packed away. 

Keep Your Lights Untangled

Christmas lights should not be dumped into the nearest box. Instead, make sure to untangle your lights and place them gently into a container. Tangled lights are not only annoying, but they can lead to damaged lights. You don’t want to replace your lights every year.  Many light string reels on the market allow you to wrap the lights around them, keeping them neat and untangled.  You can create a light string reel using a sturdy piece of cardboard.

Use a Shipping Container if You Don’t Have Enough Space

Finally, one of the easiest ways to store your Christmas decorations is with a storage container. Most people have space in the attic, basement, or garage to store their decorations, but if you have a lot of large yard decorations or set up multiple trees in your house, you may need additional storage. So again, a storage container is a perfect solution. 

Storage containers are secure, airtight, and give you extra room in your home. Best of all, if you have other items that need to be stored, you can use your container and free up even more living space for yourself.  

Southeast Containers    

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