Let’s talk about one of the longest-lasting trends involving shipping containers in recent times. That would be the use of shipping containers as tiny homes. If you’ve been on the market to purchase or build a home recently, you understand just how overwhelmingly expensive and frustrating everything can be to put together. Not to mention how long it can take to get all the parts and expertise needed to get the job done correctly. For these reasons and many more steel shipping containers have become one of the more popular portable/mini home solutions on the market.

Always Do Your Best to Stay in the Know on Permits and Permissions

Regardless of where you build or place your container home, you need to be aware of laws regarding dwellings, structures, property rights, and anything like that. It can be an intimidating process, so we recommend finding someone in your area who does know; always feel free to talk to your contractor and ask for assistance. However, it’s not a good idea to start any construction project without the correct written permission unless you risk wasting a large amount of money.

Always be Prepared to Invest in Further Modifications

You can’t easily convert what was once a cold steel shipping container into a comfortable tiny home without putting some serious modifications and thought into it. It is paramount that you work closely with an experienced engineer or container retailer such as us to ensure any additions or changes are done correctly. If done improperly, every little change or alteration to the container itself could further weaken the structural integrity. Nobody would want to live in a questionably built home; work with Carolina Containers today to ensure your modifications are done correctly. We recommend having as many of the changes you want to be done before delivery as best you can. That’s just going to help you save a lot of money over time.

Have a Purpose in Mind Before Getting Your Container

In our opinion, you must have a specific intended purpose in mind for your shipping container. Are you just looking for extra on-site storage? Are you on the market for a more secure storage option you can leave at a job site? Maybe you’re looking for a mobile storage option, which a shipping container can provide. The more you know what you want, the more we can help those dreams come true!

In Need of an Extremely Sturdy Shed?

Maybe you keep some special tools in your shed or have things that you work on that require more space than the average backyard shed is going to be able to provide you. A shipping container is perfect for converting into an outdoor shed. It’ll offer you tons of space and the privacy you need to get your work done. In addition, you don’t have to deal with any annoyance associated with wood rotting or molding. A shipping container, as long as you seal it up tight, is going to be 100% water and weather resistant as well. Contact us today to learn more about shipping container conversion.

An Office / Second Working Space

At Southeast Containers, we’ve seen shipping containers used as offices in a wide variety of different applications. For example, maybe you work from home, but you can’t focus in your home any longer between kids and responsibility. Well, a mobile office container could be perfect; you can have it placed in your backyard or other unassuming area and then be able to work in complete and total peace.

For those of you that find yourself working on location, all over the place, every day, a mobile office container could be perfect. Shipping containers are designed to be easy to transport. That means even after some modification, your container should still be able to be easily transported where you need it on the back of a truck. As a former or Jobsite manager, you can’t beat having your main office and all of the stuff you need there, should you end up needing it.

Pop-up Restaurant or Shop

The way shipping containers are shaped makes them a perfect option for conversion into unique pop-up shops or tiny mobile restaurants. With the help of shipping container modification professionals like the team here at Southeast Container, we can take your dreams and make them a reality. Now you must work with qualified professionals when doing dangerous work. It needs to be done right the first time around if you want your container to last for any actual amount of time.

Gourmet food trucks are a new concept that quickly became one of the most popular ways to consume our food. We’ve all seen the traditional food truck, which can be a bit on the smaller side. Employees inside almost have to duck to get around, and food storage can come at an incredible premium. A shipping container can be converted and put on the back of a truck to give you much more useable kitchen space for your food truck. It can also be customized to fit your specific needs.

Controlled Gardening/Greenhouse Environment

This one will probably be new to many people, but it makes good sense once you hear and think more about it. Growing in an environment with a consistent temperature is the key to constant growth for many plants. Greenhouses have been the go-to option for a long time. But now, we are proud to say that a shipping container can be converted into an excellent greenhouse environment with relatively little work! So if you often travel or intend to show off the things you grow, a mobile greenhouse container could be the perfect solution for you!

Southeast Container

As you can tell by the wide variety of options, we have put out there, the limits of what you can do with a shipping container are essentially only limited by your imagination and the complexity of the engineering. If you have any ideas for a custom shipping container, talk to the team at Southeast Container today. Call 615-450-6005. Our container customization specialists are standing by, ready to help your dreams come true today.