Are you just starting to run out of room to put all of your things? Are you tired of the constant clutter and inability to seem to find anything even if you have a rough idea of where it is because of all the chaos? Maybe your storage issues are starting to affect your business negatively, and that is just not acceptable! From retail to the construction business, you must have the storage you need when you need it. You can’t be waiting around with valuable materials or products just sitting there at risk. It’s time to look for better storage options – and lucky for you, shipping container storage is the perfect solution for many!

Why Trust Southeast Containers?

We have about 20 years of experience selling and renting shipping containers in the central Tennessee area. Our commitment to quality and ensuring all of our customers can afford the shipping container storage they need has been the driving force behind our business for a while now. We’ve got an incredible inventory of both new and used shipping containers available for rent and purchase.

A lot of customers ask us about our opinion on new vs. used shipping containers. For some things, it’s just not worth the risk of purchasing something used. Some items need to guarantee you that quality that only new ones can. Shipping containers, thanks to their incredible longevity, are fantastic used too. A lot of containers are what is known as “single trip.” These are containers that were only used once for international shipping. The guidelines on these containers are so stringent that they can be deemed not fit for any insanely small reason. These containers are almost always in like-new condition and make great storage at an affordable price! Of course, you can also find more heavily used shipping containers which will generally come with a cheaper price tag. If you don’t want to risk quality at all, a new shipping container is a fantastic option for you.

Renting or Buying a Shipping Container

Everyone needs different things – some people need a place to store items, maybe during a move temporarily. Other times, you need to keep something for an unknown, potentially endless amount of time. Renting is great for those short-term needs you have. We can get your container dropped off where you need it and pick it right up when you’re done with it, so it’s out of your way. However, if you think you’re going to need or use this container for any actual extended length of time, we’ll go ahead and tell you purchasing is your best long-term bet here.

A storage container is an investment, and for the majority of people, you’re going to see a much better return from your shipping container than from any backyard shed or extra building. So, let’s go over just what makes a storage container storage the ultimate choice.

Portability & Transport – For many that need storage, the portability to shipping containers is a huge selling point for residential and commercial users alike. Your container can be loaded on an 18-wheeler and transported right down the road to your new home or across the country to a job site with valuable building materials inside. When you purchase a container from Southeast Container, we will happily drive it to you (within a reasonable distance). We can maneuver the container and drop it off in an exact spot for you, ensuring it’s out of the way but still easily accessible by anyone that needs it.

Durable Like No Other – A Conex container in good operating condition is essentially water and weatherproof. In short, that means even in the most extreme conditions, it’s going to be able to protect whatever you have stored in it. They’re designed to be shipped across the open ocean in horrible conditions while ensuring the valuable goods they contain to make it safely from one destination to another. Storage buildings like sheds are durable but have no leg to stand on when compared to a shipping container. You’ve got high-quality Corten steel competing against simple wood. Wood is highly durable if treated and constructed correctly. Still, eventually, since it’s organic, it will always begin to break down, whether it be from water, rot, or insects/bugs eating on it. Of course, the steel of a shipping container has none of those problems.

The Storage You Need RIGHT NOW – When you find yourself in a bind, you need a quality storage option that you can use immediately. Shipping containers come as is, ready to use immediately. Sheds and other storage options can require some assembly, and when you want to customize them for yourself – you’re going to have to do some serious work to get it set up how you want. On the other hand, Conex containers are incredibly customizable; your possibilities are near endless.

Affordability and Options – Sure, your average shed might be cheaper to purchase, but you can tell the difference in the quality from the beginning. Shipping containers have NO shortage of options and variants available, contrary to what you may think. You can purchase a new or used 10-foot, 20-foot, or 40-foot shipping container. These can come with special modifications if you need them, such as reefer (refrigerated units), high cube (higher roof height), open side, open-top, and so many more variations. Things that traditional storage like sheds don’t have.

Shipping Containers are Much More Simple to Transport

Shipping containers were designed to transport from great ships at sea to trucks on land. At Southeast Containers, we can deliver and move your container exactly where you need it to be.

If you’re finally ready to have the extra storage you’ve been needing, you need to reach out to Southeast Containers today. We are prepared to set you up with the used or new shipping container you need. Learn more about shipping container rental. Learn more about shipping container sales.