As homeowners, many of us find ourselves needing extra storage space. Moving into a large home, you may think you have endless storage space. You can get all of the stuff you want. But eventually, you’ll probably start running out of room for things. Southeast Containers is standing by, ready to help you make the perfect decision for all of your home storage needs.

There are undoubtedly specific pros and cons with any option, and there never is an ideal answer. If it were, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today. So right from the top – a metal shed will have a lower total cost. If you have the time, energy, and resources to pour your concrete, it may be more economical for you. But it all depends on your ability and willingness – many homeowners don’t have the skills or resources needed to do this type of job.

Different people have different priorities; some want to plop down their storage container and start using it. Others are okay putting in some elbow grease to save money. A professional container retailer should help you with whatever you need, from your concrete pad to container delivery. So, if you think you want the traditional shed but don’t want to do the work to prepare the concrete pad yourself, expect to pay at least another $1000 if you hire someone to do it.

Shipping Container Sheds Hold Value Better

A shipping container is generally going to cost more upfront than a shed. However, with that said, you get a lot more long-term value out of a shipping container. It is much more mobile and better at protecting whatever is valuable to you. You can store all of your highest value assets with little to no concern about their long-term safety. A shipping container will also easily outlast a shed in terms of lifespan. You can expect to get a good ten years out of your shed while you could get 25+ years out of your shipping container with the proper maintenance.

Pros of a Shipping Container

Extra security: Shipping containers consist of extra strong steel and heavy-duty metal doors. These containers are sealed from the outside to keep your goods safe from water, rodents, and theft. You can never be secure enough when storing valuable goods. A shed is much easier for someone to break into potentially.

Set-up is a breeze: No assembly required. Your shipping container will arrive completely assembled and placed right where you want it. The location needs to be a level surface with good drainage. Do NOT place your container anywhere it could be sitting in water. If you remember nothing else, please remember that.

Endless customization options: Shipping containers are famous for their easy customization. You can modify a shipping container to do nearly anything and upgrade various features. For example, we can upgrade the locks, electricity, storage shelving, anything at all that you may need. We can even adapt your container into a portable office for you!

Cons of a Shipping Container

Initial pricing can be higher: On average, a brand new shipping container will cost you more than brand new backyard storage shed.

Zoning could be an issue: If your shipping container sits on residential property, you’re going to need to check with your municipality on zoning rules and regulations. Get all of this taken care of beforehand. The last thing you want is a notification and fines from the town forcing you to move the container you just paid all of this money to buy and transport.

Metal Shed Pros and Cons

Traditional wooden sheds are an excellent option for some people. They tend to be smaller and lighter than shipping containers, meaning they fit in tight spaces better. They also tend to have a bit more curb appeal than a shipping container does. On the other hand, a Conex container can look out of place on some properties.


Lower initial costs: A metal shed will almost always cost you less right out of pocket than a shipping container will. Considering the lifespan should be about ten years or more, you can still find great deals on metal sheds.

Inviting aesthetic: You may not want a hulking container sitting on your property if you live in a densely populated area. It can clutter the space and bring a lot of looks from your neighbors. You may be better off with a large container shed in conditions like these.


You have to build a foundation: Just like with any actual building, a shed needs to sit on a slab of concrete to keep all water and pests out and your container safe and rust-free. We recommend that you keep this work in the hands of the professionals – they will get the job done perfectly and ensure the best possible long-term use of your container.

You have to furnish the flooring: Nice flooring like vinyl isn’t part of the purchase price of most sheds. So you can expect to spend anywhere between $300-500 on brand new flooring. That’s on top of the price you’re already paying for the concrete pad and labor.

Some assembly required: Some sheds will come nearly completely pre-assembled, but today a lot still arrive in pieces that need some construction. Not only can this be difficult on the brain, but you need to have enough hands to get it done. That may not be how you intended to spend your next few weekends.

Solve Your Storage Problem with a Sturdy Conex Shipping Container from Southeast Containers

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