Southeast Container shipping containerCrafting quality structures out of shipping containers has become one of the easiest ways to build a home or business. It is also a way to recycle these big containers, so they don’t just go somewhere to die. There are a lot of benefits to building such a structure, but there are also many questions. One of the most popular questions is how to climate control a shipping container. Many people assume it is a hard process but in reality, there are a variety of options for you.

The first choice is to get louver vents installed in the container. These are small intake vents that are angled and can be between 12 inches and 36 inches in size. Multiple louver vents allow air to flow naturally through the container. Some customers also have an exhaust fan installed to “pull” the air along. In all cases, these louver vents come with bird protecting screens to prevent birds from nesting inside your vents.

A traditional option to climate control inside your shipping container is to install a window AC unit in the container. For small containers, this is a suitable option because they have limited square footage and the small air conditioning unit can handle the job.

The trucking industry does make wall-mounted air conditioning units for shipping containers. These units mount on the side of the shipping container and pump in the cold air. They are more than two times the size of a window unit and are more capable of producing a significant amount of cold air for large containers.

Some shipping containers only need venting, and a rooftop turbine vent will work just perfect for them. This option is the least expensive and is just placed on the top of the container. Rooftop turbines for shipping containers do not require power, so they make a good option for many people. You can also opt to mount more than one on the roof. Those on a budget or those who live in areas with moderate temperatures tend to prefer this option.

These are the most popular options for climate control in a shipping container. If you have power hooked up inside your unit you can also opt to run fans or other at-home cooling equipment. Using multiple cooling methods inside your shipping container is possible.

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