20 foot storage containerChoosing the best storage container for your needs is essential whether you are planning to start your own self storage facility or simply looking for a secure, temporary storage solution. Not all shipping containers are equal. In this article we will give you some general guidelines to consider when purchasing storage containers.

Find the correct size

Standard sizes of shipping containers are 20’and 40’ in length. Early in the process it is critical to determine the proper size requirements for your needs. In some circumstances you’re better off going with a larger container than two smaller ones. Determining the best size can help you save money and time in the future.

New vs. used

Storage containers that are used are often less expensive but you’ll need to pay attention to their condition. If you’re considering a storage container for electronic equipment the condition of the container must be perfect to fully protect your property from damage as a result of dust or moisture. Be prepared to spend money to renovate a used container if it’s not wind and water tight or choose to buy a new shipping container in perfect condition.

Security and other features

Choose a container that is lockable to provide secure storage from theft and vandals. Most shipping containers bolt on lock box which will keep your property safe from thieves and vandals. The locks are tough and difficult to damage by bolt cutters saws. Other attributes such as a watertight doors and rust proof interiors can also help to safeguard your property from water damage, decay and animal infestation.

Location, location, location

Where are you going to put your storage container? You’ll need a place that provides enough space and is easily accessible. How do the container doors open? Make sure you can get in and out of the container and doesn’t hinder the doors opening or closing properly. A level area without ground coverage or trees is perfect.


How frequently are you going to need access to the storage container? There are shipping containers that open on both ends to facilitate easier access. Organizing your items in the storage container based on how often you will need to get to them will help.


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