How Shipping Containers Upgrade Job Site Security

40 foot storage containers topShipping containers have long been used to store goods-in-transit so, it’s only practical for them to be utilized as long-term secure storage units built complete with shelving for supplies, ample storage space, an assembly work station, etc. While having CCTV surveying your site 24 hours a day, as well as other methods, will help keep unwanted guests out, how about storing valuable materials and equipment in a shipping container? A thief would have to make an insane amount of racket to even attempt to get in your container, the same if you convert it into an office.

Keep Your Construction Supplies Secure

Construction sites are expensive, and, unfortunately, very vulnerable to all sorts of problems. And depending on the size and length of the construction project, not only are all the machinery and construction site materials worth thousands of dollars, having all that valuable equipment lying around leaves the property open to a host of potential disasters ranging from vandalism, theft, fire, accidents, etc. Protect yourself.

While reports can be filed and things recovered, the best thing you can do is prevent anything from going missing in the first place. Not only are they able to withstand adverse climatic conditions but it’s also highly unlikely for burglars to try to break into a container for two reasons: one, they are built for transporting goods overseas, making them extremely tough and two, there are many locking systems you can utilize to further secure your portable storage space. They generally deter people from even trying, as they just look so secure.

Weatherproof and Tamperproof Storage

Locking mechanisms such as bolt locks, cylinder locks, and heavy-duty padlocks come highly recommended since they can withstand typical break-in tools such as bolt-cutters. Additionally, you can also reinforce easy-to-attach and use latches with steel lockboxes which not only act as a protective cover for your padlock system, they are also almost impossible for anyone to tamper with or cut the shackle on the tool storage container. A few easy steps can make you nearly impenetrable.

While containers are sturdy and long-lasting and do an excellent job of keeping stored items safe, it is, however, up to you to decide to go to that next level of security. We can help you with that though, just talk to us about your specific needs and we can help you figure out what’s going to be perfect for you.

The more security you have the better, cameras are always great to have and something as simple as a fence can make some really think twice. Shipping containers are the ultimate secured storage, we’ll be glad to give you more info if you want, just contact us!