Southeast Container small mobile officeBusiness offices come in all different sizes and styles. For this article, let’s look at businesses where most of the work is conducted outdoors or on-site. We’re talking about construction, real estate sales, field research, or security outposts. Even when most of the work is done outside, there are also times when a quiet place is needed for phone calls, data entry, completing paperwork, or meeting with clients.

So what can be done when a brick and mortar office is not practical due to expense, and the office may only be needed temporarily? In these situations, a small mobile office might be the solution.

Mobile Offices are Perfect for Many Situations

These small offices are converted from shipping containers. The containers and 8 feet wide come in two lengths: 20 feet and 40 feet. Modifications can include walls, flooring, windows, doors, electricity, and ventilation. Container companies can give quick delivery if a standard layout is chosen, but can also custom design a space to meet the exact needs of any business.

These inexpensive mobile, self-contained offices are also useful in other situations and with different kinds of businesses.

  • In-plant offices where a quiet or private space is needed in a manufacturing or processing plant.
  • Health care office in a remote area to care for patients.
  • Recreation or Breakroom for employees
  • Telecommunications Center
  • Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) monitoring center
  • Secure and weathertight storage
  • Sales office for a variety of businesses
  • Pop-up Retail Shop
  • Food Vendor

Mobile offices made from shipping containers are incredibly durable. They are constructed from steel and weathertight. They can stand up to all weather conditions while keeping the interior dry and secure.

The Office Space you need, but Mobile

Sometimes, people need a simple space to work. Nothing big, just enough space for a desk, computer, printer, copy machine, or other equipment to get their work done. A small mobile office fills those needs.

For more information on whether a small mobile office fits your business needs, contact Southeast Container to see what style office they can design for you. Call 615-450-6005.