Are you interested in investing in a shipping container for commercial or private use? Like any purchase, you should research the product before you buy. In this article we will walk you through key aspects when purchasing a steel shipping container.

What do you need it for?

Shipping containers may be used for a variety of purposes. Some are designed to store machinery. Some are better for storing household items and personal property. Containers can also be modified to make innovative living spaces. The point is to find a container that will best you’re your intended use. Knowing how you plan to use it will help determine which containers will work for you based on its design features.

Will you rent or do you want to own it?

The decision on renting versus buying is up to you. We recommend purchasing if you will need it long term. Renting a shipping container works best for short term purposes. One example of a short term need would be a construction site in need of storage or a mobile office. If your plan is to establish your own commercial storage facility you will definitely want to buy. Consider use and costs when deciding to rent or buy a steel shipping container.

Do you want a new or used container?

There are new and used shipping containers for sale? New containers are more expensive and a used container can provide the same quality as a new one. You can find a used container with the desired features for a fraction of the price of a new container. Understanding what features you need as well as how to evaluate a container’s quality is important to your satisfaction with a container long term.

What size container do you need?

The size of the shipping container will depend on how much stuff you plan to put in it. Standard sizes are 20’ and 40’ in length and 8’ in width. High cube containers come with an additional 1’ of height. Know the differences before you purchase. It may make more sense economically to buy the larger 40’ container instead of paying for two 20’ containers and extra delivery charges.

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