Shipping containers have many names. You will find those who refer to them as conex boxes, storage containers or cargo containers. Each one of these terms typically refers to the same type of container. Storage containers or a conex box is a steel shipping container which has met all the international standards for transport. Such a container is usually used commercially abroad. We will cover some of the conex box’s unique features in this article.

Made of steel

Some companies sell storage containers made from plywood, aluminum and fiberglass. These are not conex boxes. Conex boxes are constructed of steel which is why they are so secure and durable. Steel is a strong metal able to withstand the elements and is why they are used for overseas shipping.

Modifications available

Conex boxes may be used to match a particular need. Steel storage containers can be modified with special features for a variety of uses. There are various options for specialty containers including open sides or tops.

Wind and water tight

Top quality conex boxes can be utilized for dry storage. Containers typically have differing conditions. Water and wind tight features are considered one of the most important. Knowing what you will be using the conex box for will help determine which features you will need to be most concerned with.

There are different sizes

Conex boxes typically come in two standard sizes of 20’ and 40’ containers but there are other options available. High cube containers are specifically designed with higher ceilings to accommodate taller items. Shipping containers are generally 8’ wide and the doors are normally standard. Click to read more.

Living and work spaces

Most people have heard of using shipping containers as homes. For wuite some time, conex boxes have been modified to suit a variety of different needs. People have incorporated some amazing features to create modern living spaces. Share your ideas with a company that specializes in converting shipping containers into homes.

The construction industry uses cones boxes to create mobile office spaces. Others have turned shipping containers into commercial spaces such as mobile clinics and shops. You’ll need to purchase a conex box based on your specific requirements.

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