Shipping containers are beneficial; they can be used for different purposes and delivered conveniently to your desired location. Southeast Shipping Container transport services can provide your storage container to almost any residential or work site such as a retail store, restaurant, or construction site. Here is information about how shipping container transport or delivery services work.

How are Shipping Containers Delivered?

Our storage container delivery services are fully equipped to deliver your storage container and protect it against in-transit damage. We use the following equipment to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your storage container.

  • Rollback or Flatbed trucks
  • High-quality internal tie-downs
  • Strong tie-down points on the trucks

A rollback truck has a tilting bed that creates a ramp to unload the container onto your site. Rollbacks work for deliveries that have the space for the truck when fully extended. Containers are heavy, and when using the flatbed truck (non-tilting bed), a crane or forklift is used to help unload the container. This option works if the placement site is tight or multi-leveled.

What Sizes are Delivered?

Shipping container transport isn’t risky when using the right equipment, and the delivery service understands the container’s size to deliver. Using different equipment, Southeast Containers can deliver containers of all sizes. The most common container sizes are 20-foot and 40-foot containers. Delivery trucks can deliver one 40-foot container or two 20 foot containers at a time.

How to Prepare for a Storage Container Delivery

Once a delivery date and time is scheduled, make sure you are ready for the delivery at the placement site to ensure a safe and seamless process. Having a level, compact ground location, or a cement or gravel pad is ideal.

Residential or Commercial Site

Shipping container transport is a lot of work. Let the supplier know if the delivery site is residential or commercial. There might be specific guidelines or regulations, depending on the site.

Clear Adequate Space

You need to clear space on the site not just for the container but also for the delivery. A 20-foot container will require 60 or more feet clearance, while a 40-foot container will need 100-150 feet. Remember, space is necessary for the container size, delivery truck, and moving equipment.

Firm and Level Surface

Storage containers are heavy and can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. For safe delivery, ensure you have a firm surface to set the container. Concrete is the best option – avoid grass or soft soil surfaces. If the container is delivered on an uneven surface, you will have problems with the container sitting properly and opening and closing the doors.

Contact Southeast Containers

Shipping container transport requires experience, skill, and the right equipment. Southeast Containers will deliver your storage container safely and conveniently to your desired location without damaging your container. Call 615-450-6005 for more information.