Contrary to what many people think, shipping container transport isn’t as easy as moving an ordinary pull-behind trailer. There are different ways to move a shipping container to where you need it. Lifting and moving shipping containers means considering a lot of factors.

Shipping Container Moving Factors

Things to consider when moving a shipping container:

  • Weight (load weight plus container weight)
  • Dimensions of the container to understand the space required
  • The storage container delivery options
  • Overhead obstructions
  • Insurance
  • Outsourcing
  • Logistical costs
  • Maneuver clearance
  • Moving distance

Methods to Move a Shipping Container


Shipping container transport by road is the most common method used. Below are some of the popular types of trailers and trucks used in shipping container transport.

Tilt-bed or rollback truck – Rollback trucks, also known as flatbed tow trucks, are a popular transport option when the container isn’t too heavy. This truck has a unique design that allows one to use the inclined design to slide the container onto the ground. If you transport the container for less than 200 miles and unload without additional equipment, the tilt-bed truck is a good option.

Step-deck truck – this truck has a flat platform on which the container is set. The difference here is that the platform is lower to the ground, making it suitable to carry a taller, high-cube container. A forklift or a crane is needed to lift the shipping container on and off the truck.


If the loading point and the final destination are near a rail line, trains are the best way to go. Unlike road transport, using the train requires planning for transporting the shipping container to and from the rail stations. Any of the trucks mentioned above can do this.


Are you planning to move a container for a long-distance or even overseas? Sea shipping is the best option. There are rules and regulations to be followed in this type of shipping container transport. However, you will also need to make arrangements for transporting the cargo container to the loading dock.

Outsourcing the Transport

The entire logistical management and the operational process can be outsourced to an expert who offers all these end-to-end solutions. A transport company is well-equipped to advise on the best shipping method and make all the arrangements.

Outsourcing will save you a lot of time, worries, and costs. Using the end-to-end solution provider takes the burden of the entire shipping container transport off your shoulders. They will handle the varying rules and laws, mode of transportation, clearance, and more. You only have to choose where the container will be delivered, and they’ll handle all the other aspects of this process.

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