The versatility of Conex containers (aka Conex boxes) is well known. Initially designed and used during war time to transport and store supplies, they have also found to be a useful material for houses today. These containers are made from rigid and corrugated steel, which gives them the strength to withstand extreme conditions both on land and water.

The popularity of these containers transverses both industrial and domestic uses. They are preferred for durability (up to 25 years), affordability (wide range of renting and buying options), and the safety offered by them. Some of the industries which have utilized the Conex containers are:

  • Storage for machinery and supplies on construction sites
  • Additional office space for remote or temporary needs
  • Shelter in disaster-hit regions
  • Sustainable, affordable housing

Since they were initially designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions over long distances, Conex boxes are highly durable. They can stand up to strong winds, water (of both acidic and alkaline nature), rain, snow, and other harsh climatic conditions. It has been estimated that they can endure winds speeding 100 miles an hour.  This durability makes them ideal for storage and residential structures.

These containers are not only able to withstand weather, they are also secure from intruders.  Any Conex container with a solid floor, sturdy walls, and ceiling can protect the contents against common pests. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, or even bigger animals like coyotes and bears, would find it hard to get inside these containers.  With locking doors they are also secure from people.

Apart from the strength of the material, the stability of these structures is phenomenal. Individual containers can be loaded with thousands of pounds of product and be stacked one-on-top- the-other (up to 9 units high) without compromising the structure. In cases of container homes, the structural stability makes them durable despite modifying it with windows and doors.

These steel containers are resistant to deep corrosion and rust. Little maintenance is required to clean the surface since the corrosion does not penetrate the metal. Coating the container with paint is an excellent way to extend its lifespan even further.

The containers come in a range of sizes and with custom modifications like color, roofing, flooring, insulation, etc. However, you can be assured of the strength of any of these containers as it is being proved time-and-again.

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